How can the Islanders Draft Adam Larsson?

Several of the writers on this site have stated that the Islanders need a top pair defenseman and that Adam Larsson being right handed would be a great fit for the team. With Hamonic being the only right handed defenseman, that you might state is a true member of the core of young players the team is building around; added another right handed defenseman to the left handed MacDonald, de Haan, Donovan and Wishart would seem to make sense.

This is why several have stated, if the Islanders can't draft Larsson they should consider Doug Hamilton.

Most experts have stated that Larsson will be drafted before the Islanders 5th pick is up. Therefore, to draft Larsson the Islanders will need to trade up. I am of the opinion that Edmonton will draft Nugent-Hopkins. The question is will Colorado take Larsson. I'm thinking they won't and would rather draft Landeskog, Huberdeau or Couturier. From what I've read Florida also wants offense. The problem for the Islanders is New Jersey would likely jump on Larsson if he's still available at the 4th pick. (Damn that Lottery).

One question is would Colorado trade down; Probable not all the way from second to fifth. Therefore, the best chance the Islanders would have to draft Larsson is to trade for Florida's 3rd overall pick. If Edmonton takes Nugent-Hopkins and Colorado drafts either Landeskog, Huberdeau or Couturier, then the Islanders make the trade with Florida. If Florida makes the trade they should still have a pick from Couturier, Strome or Huberdeau. Two of them would likely still be available.

In order to get something good you need to give up something good.

The second problem: How much would Florida ask for. Obviously, the Islanders would need to start off with the 5th overall pick and go from there; added picks, prospects and/or NHL players. But how much is a fair deal and how much is too much. I would think the Islanders would need to throw in the 35th pick or a prospect or the 65th pick and two more picks; or an NHL player. Would you trade Donovan or Wishart, along with the 5th, 65th and maybe your 2012 2nd round pick? Is that too much?  

Or maybe the 5th pick and Blake Comeau? How about Casey Cizikas, Kirill Kabonov, or Brock Nelson, Rakshani, or Ullstrom? Would you trade them with a few picks? Florida does want offense. I would think the less highly regarded prospect the higher the draft picks you would need to add.

Would you consider trading Bailey? If so, then you need another center for next year's team. I would not do this.

I think maybe the 5th pick, 65th pick and Casey Cizikas might work. Or maybe, the 5th pick, 35th pick, 65th and next year's second round pick for the 3rd pick and Florida' 3rd round pick in 2012.

What about the 3rd pick for the 5th pick and Brock Nelson? 

Or just draft Doug Hamilton. I'm not sure but, Adam Larsson and de Haan as a top pair defenseman going forward with Hamonic and MacDonald as a second pair sounds pretty good.

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