Islanders on iTunes: The List of Games

To be frank, it's easier to find a hooking call on Crosby in a 3rd period tie than it is to find these games.  It doesn't appear possible to search by useful terms such as "Islanders" etc.  If anyone notices any additional games that pop up, please add to the comments section. 

After the jump, I'll have Isles new and classic games separated by compilation title. Note that I added some disclaimers that may act as "spoilers".  If you want to be surprised, don't read on, but I didn't want anyone to go out and buy an Islander heartbreaker or anything.  All games can be purchased individually for $1.99, or as part of their respective compilations ($9.99 for Cup Winners, Rivalries and Player Spotlight).  There are preview clips available (about 30 seconds worth) so if you are interested in the quality, I would preview first...they're old games.  I only checked a handful, but I did not hear Jiggs McDonald and Ed Westfall at all.  It sounds like Bob Cole.

As of yet, "TEH RECKONING"  (2/11/11 vs Penguins for those who are not Lighthouse regulars) has not been added to the "NHL Greatest Games 2010-2011" set...and may never be, for you see, the Isles besmirched the reputation of the NHL and therefore, that game, stunk.   Enjoy!

  • NHL Overtime Classics Vol. 1 (4 games) vs Toronto Maple Leafs April 29, 1978 (Lanny MacDonald OT GW), Vs Philadelphia Flyers May 13, 1980 (Denis Potvin OT winner game 1), May 24, 1980 (1st cup Bob Nystrom in OT), Vs Vancouver Canucks May 8, 1982 (Game 1 Mike Bossy OT Winner)
  • NHL Overtime Classics Vol. 4 vs Montreal Canadiens May 20, 1993 (Game 3 Guy Carbonneau OT GW)
  • NHL Overtime Classics Vol. 5 (2 games) April 18, 1987 (Easter Epic Pat LaFontaine OT)  Vs Pittsburgh Penguins May 14, 1993 (David Volek Game 7 OT GW)


  • NHL Stanley Cup Winners Vol. 1 (2games) vs Minnesota North Stars (Series clinch 2nd cup), vs Vancouver Canucks May 16, 1982 (Series clinch 3rd cup)
  • NHL Stanley Cup Winners Vol. 2 (2 games vs Edmonton Oilers) May 17, 1983 (Win Cup), May 19, 1984 (Lose Cup)


  • NHL Playoff Classics Vol. 1 vs Quebec Nordiques (Sweep) May 4, 1982
  • NHL Playoff Classics Vol. 3 vs Canadiens May 24, 1993 (Canadiens advance to finals)


  • NHL Player Spotlight Vol. 2 vs Boston Bruins May 7, 1983 (Mike Bossy scores 4/Isles advance to finals)
  • NHL Greatest Rivalries Vol. 5 vs NY Rangers April 10 1984 (Division Semi, Game 5 OT. Al Arbour goes for 100th playoff win)


  • Random Games (From "NHL Games of the (year)"series')
    • Pens/Isles 11/27/09
    • Rags/Isles 11/6/07
    • Isles/Bruins 10/10/09
    • Isles/Pens 1/19/10 (Sidney Crosby 4pts, Evgeni Malkin hat trick...this game probably sucks)
    • Isles/Caps 11/11/09 (11 round SO)
    • Isles/Canucks 3/16/10 (John Tavares 5 points)

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