Bits: Wednesday night was why NHL playoff hockey is fantastic

Heh. "A freaky sort of developing play" is one way of putting it.

I don't know what was cooler about Wednesday night's slate of five games -- the fact that two games went to double OT, the fact that the unheralded Nashville-Anaheim series saw its fourth exciting game (and another episode of "Teemu Selanne: Life after 40 Ain't Bad"), or the fact that our Rangers fan brethren came up with an impressive, English-soccer-style chant to do their part...but their team still let them down by blowing a 3-0 third-period lead.

Suffice to say, the value of the NHL Center Ice package declines with each year of Versus' "no really, we can cover three games in overlapping time slots," but regardless of that, Wednesday was why I'm an NHL fan.

And now, a bevy of links from Keith after the jump:

First, in-network back-scratching: NHL Playoff reactions from last night's SBN components -- Die by the Blade on the Sabres' win | Broad Street Hockey on the Flyers' loss | Blueshirt Banter on the Rangers' collapse (please gawk, but do not troll) | JJapers' Rink on the Caps' win | On the Forecheck on the Preds' third-period collapse against Anaheim

Oh, one more: I happen to sympathize with Mike Richards here. Patrick Kaleta is a predatory player, period. I classify him as dirty, among the lower form who try to find situational loopholes to get away with d-bag plays. Just because he often gets away with it doesn't change that. If Kaleta's Cooke-ishness were disciplined more, maybe his opponents wouldn't be tempted to protect themselves with elbows high. As it is, too often they have to take matters into their own hands.


On to Keith's links...

Isles News

2010-11 Islanders End Of Season Media Guide.pdf (application/pdf Object) (Skates on a Plane)
Many interesting and useful stats inside.  I have not yet begun to scratch the surface.  Matt Moulson on the cover.

The real Mike Bossy(?) is on twitter (@Bossy5050)

Jack Capuano on Hockey Night Live


Prospect News

New York Islanders possess offensive firepower at CHL level - Hockey's Future
Write-ups on Niederreiter, Cizikas, Kabanov, deHaan, DeHart and Toews.

Since a space was open anyway due to Figren leaving...It is a two-way contract by the way.

LHH on the McNeely signing

LHH on Figren leaving

Leonard Cohen on Alexandra Leaving (From Dom: You don't really need to click that. It just fit the theme, you know?)

Portland Winterhawks (Niederreiter playoff schedule and audio/video info) (Kabanov playoff schedule and audio/video info)

Mississauga St. Michael's Majors (Cizikas playoff schedule and audio/video info)

Blake Kessel named Alternate Captain for UNH 2011-2012 Season
I guess he's staying in school.


Around the NHL

Broad Street Hockey
Something we have all talked about being a problem for the Islanders, Broad Street Hockey starts to track their zone entries.  Nice job here.

Quisp from Jewels from the Crown on the NHL's ambiguous approach to headshots (from Dominik: This is why Quisp is a must-read.)

New NHL/NBC TV contract a big deal for Nashville - On the Forecheck
Explains some of how the salary cap and revenue sharing work in relation to television deals.

NHL - History vs. History
Vote on the best "History Will be Made" commercials in "March Madness" style bracketology.

First Annual Fanpost Contest - Behind The Net
For the statistically inclined, you could win prizes and the respect of your fellow man.

*  *  *

Keep sharing links in FanShots and such. And posting your thought-provoking FanPosts. But also feel free to use posts like this one to add links in comments. It's a long summer. We'll help each other get through it.

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