NHL Power Rankings, Parodies: Respect, and Nielsen/Grabner stats

Eric Hornick's "Skinny" was filled with Grabner-iffic info after last night's game, including where Michael Grabner sits in terms of past Islanders rookies (in a word or two: very close). It also notes that Frans Nielsen's six shorthanded goals is one short of the club record for one season (Bob Bourne).

Not there but also interesting:

With 11 between them, Nielsen and Grabner are now 1-2 in the NHL in shorthanded goals. Combined, those two have more shorties than all but three other NHL teams. Separately, 21 teams have as many shorthanded goals as Grabner alone, and 17 have as many as Nielsen alone. Is it any wonder these two had a shorthanded 2-on-0 last night?

After the jump, our usual power rankings, survey of media rankings and media parodies, plus one more look at Matt Martin's goal last night, with an eye toward something that made me chuckle.

Martin's Goal: Nifty Move, Finishing a Hillen Rush

Between Jack Hillen's rush and Matt Martin's move, there was much to love about this goal. But I think I loved Micheal Haley's part the most. There Haley is, minding his own business at the blueline -- and he has pretty good wheels himself -- when Hillen comes flying by to take the puck over the blueline. Haley does well to stay on side and then surely thinks Hillen will streak down the right wing boards, like he's done to create multiple goals lately.

Instead, Hillen cuts back and forces Haley to stutter and jump up from normal leaning skating position, just to keep from leveling his teammate. Haley's ability to do this enables Hillen to carry on without breaking stride, and the seam opens up for him to feed Martin, who also crossed the line at the same time as his two teammates and streaks around Marc-Andre Bergeron to go backhand on Dwayne Roloson. What's great is the cutback was unexpected not just for Haley but for the defense, too:

It reminded me of a move you can do in rec hockey but aren't supposed to be able to do in the NHL: Use your unknowing teammate as a lead blocker as you rush the offensive zone. In hockey on the rush you want to spread the puck around (or at least spread your options) to stretch the defense, so they can't focus on a compact area and close you down. With rare exceptions from very skilled players -- and no, I wouldn't count Hillen or Haley in your expected exception -- you can work a give-and-go in tight, but generally the last place the opponent and your teammate (Haley, in this instance) expect you to go is right into your own guy.

Hillen just about did that, but thankfully Haley, though surprised, knew how to react.

On to the rankings...

Media Rankings Survey

I am starting to suspect the Portzy feller is deliberately trying to wind Isles fans up. Still, there is something entertaining about self-loathing vented outward against others' success.

So anyway, here is what they're saying...

Outlet Rank Last Week Their Commentary
CBSSports 23 23
Michael Grabner continues his strong bid for rookie of the year by hitting the 30-goal mark.
Cbs. Dispatch
25 25
Beating bad teams does more harm than good: it doesn't mean you're good, and it only hurts the draft pick.
ESPN 22 27 The Islanders have picked up points in nine of their past 10 games (5-1-4)!
Sportsnet (Brophy) 25 25 The Islanders have lost just once in regulation in their last 10. Even better, goalie Rick DiPietro returned from six weeks off with a shootout win over Florida.
23 23 A nice season for soon-to-be 28-year-old P.A. Parenteau, who leads the Isles with a point-per-game in ten games this month, giving him 18 goals and 48 points in his first full NHL season.
Average 23.6
24.6 "Let's face it, that team is playing well. God, I wish someone would get me the hell out of Columbus."

Parody Rankings

...And hear is what we know imagine they're saying, in their cold dark hearts:

Imagined Outlet Rank Last Week Their Imagined Commentary
Sterling Pope,
The Pulpit
80 62
Make no mistake, Wrist Shots has learned Michael Grabner's Calder candidacy is in jeopardy because his team thinks Trevor Gillies is a nice guy.
Pally Portishead,
Central Ohio Picayune
40 38
I hate myself.
Dominique, Fanboy Nation
2 2 Honey, we're moving to Area 51 and from this point forward we only speak Danish.
The Omen, Toronto Shameless & Record 28 28 The fact that Matt Moulson and Michael Grabner are 30-goal scorers just goes to show that John Tavares isn't getting the attention on Long Island that he deserves, which is why he will sign with Toronto as soon as...wait, is reading the CBA really part of my job?


Real Power Rankings

Our weekly "real" power rankings, courtesy of our own ICanSeeForIslesAndIsles (who is the one you'll find tirelessly compiling FIG picks in the game thread), conceived and delivers these week after week. They reflect games through Sunday (so, last night's win isn't factored in).

Explanation of how he does it is in the original post. If you have any questions about it, leave them in comments and he'll likely answer. For reference, last week's rankings are here.

One thing everyone agrees on is Vancouver is the best team in the league...and Edmonton is the worst. By this measure, it doesn't look like the Isles can be caught in 27th, but they might yet leap Florida for 26th.

    W L OTL Pts GP Win% Pts%/GP PWR
1 Vancouver 47 17 9 103 73 0.705 0.3795 2097
2 Philadelphia 44 19 8 96 71 0.676 0.3661 2010
3 Detroit 43 21 8 94 72 0.653 0.3553 1967
4 San Jose 42 23 8 92 73 0.630 0.3531 1953
5 Washington 42 21 10 94 73 0.644 0.3486 1909
6 Tampa Bay 39 22 11 89 72 0.618 0.3397 1868
7 Phoenix 39 24 11 89 74 0.601 0.3372 1861
8 Pittsburgh 41 23 8 90 72 0.625 0.3376 1853
9 Los Angeles 40 26 6 86 72 0.597 0.3358 1852
10 Chicago 39 25 8 86 72 0.597 0.3339 1849
11 Boston 39 22 10 88 71 0.620 0.3377 1846
12 Nashville 38 25 10 86 73 0.589 0.3319 1834
13 Anaheim 40 27 5 85 72 0.590 0.3318 1831
14 Dallas 38 25 9 85 72 0.590 0.3271 1812
15 Montreal 40 26 7 87 73 0.596 0.3302 1804
16 Calgary 37 27 10 84 74 0.568 0.3070 1702
17 NY Rangers 39 30 4 82 73 0.562 0.3109 1702
18 Buffalo 35 28 9 79 72 0.549 0.2983 1639
19 Columbus 33 29 10 76 72 0.528 0.2958 1636
20 Minnesota 35 30 8 78 73 0.534 0.2963 1635
21 St. Louis 32 31 9 73 72 0.507 0.2879 1594
22 Carolina 33 29 10 76 72 0.528 0.2785 1537
23 Atlanta 30 30 12 72 72 0.500 0.2795 1534
24 Toronto 32 31 10 74 73 0.507 0.2775 1524
25 New Jersey 34 34 4 72 72 0.500 0.2759 1515
26 Florida 29 33 10 68 72 0.472 0.2635 1449
27 NY Islanders 28 33 12 68 73 0.466 0.2558 1407
28 Colorado 27 36 8 62 71 0.437 0.2428 1340
29 Ottawa 27 36 9 63 72 0.438 0.2347 1294
30 Edmonton 23 39 10 56 72 0.389 0.2106 1172

Note: I'm traveling the rest of the week, so if I'm less responsive than normal, just picture me without water lying at the bottom of a canyon somewhere. This place is in good hands with the regular gang.

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