Doug Weight sticking around?...Let Next Year's Head Coach have a say.

I'm sure most of you have probably read the news recently that Chris Botta posted on his blog regarding Doug Weight's probable/possible return with the Islanders next season in a coaching or management role

Let me preface the rest of this post by saying that I think Doug Weight has been fantastic representative for the Islanders and the Islanders would be benefitted greatly by having him around to assist in the rebuild even after his playing days are over.

Here's what concerns me though about  keeping Doug Weight around:

 Chris Botta mentions in the article that Weight would likely have one of two roles:
Weight’s new role would likely be on the coaching staff of the NHL club as an assistant, or working with Garth Snow as an assistant general manager or director of hockey operations.

In addition, Chris says:

Of course, you don’t need a source to observe his increased role as a voice for the Islanders with each of his three seasons. Weight has arguably been the best spokesman the franchise has had since the days of William A. Torrey. Weight has vigorously expressed optimism over the last two seasons that the Islanders were a playoff team. In a few recent interviews – including this one with Brian Compton of – he has voluntarily defended the commitment of Wang to the franchise, its players and its fans.

The quote immediately above is why I think that Dougie Weight would better serve us in an Asst. General Manager role as opposed to being an Asst. Coach.

I remember in Joe Torre's last few seasons as Yankees Manager he had issues with Yankees Management and Brian Cashman when they started dictating things to him regarding coaching positions and the such.  I think there was a pitching coach and/or a hitting coach that was more or less forced on him late in his tenure with the Yankees.

I mention this because I think I am just a little bit worried about Islanders Management (Charles and Garth) placing Doug Weight in an assistant coaching role without allowing the Head Coach (whoever that might be) to choose his own coaching staff. 

Behind the scenes this Islander Season, I'm sure that Doug Weight has spent many a game nights sitting in the press box watching games with both Garth and Charles and no doubt discussing the going ons during the games both on the ice and on the "off days".

I guess what I am trying to get at is that I am concerned that Doug Weight as an assistant coach might be difficult for the eventual Head Coach (if he is not chosen by him specifically)....I don't know if coaching "staffs" in Hockey are as carefully chosen by Head Coaches as they might be in other sports (say Football, or Baseball).  But if they are....then placing Doug Weight in a coaching role with the team before a Head Coach is finalized and given his proper right to choose his own staff is a bad idea.

The minute that Doug Weight is placed in a coaching role before a head coach is chosen he would immediately become a "Charles and Garth hire" and therefore would not really report to whoever the Head Coach is. 

The Head Coach need to be the HEAD Coach.....


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