UPDATE: Vintage Fisherman Logo Hats (pics available)

UPDATE Feb. 10:

I'm now making all 3 Fisherman/Lighthouse era caps available for $60 + $10 shipping instead; realize one of them is the least visually interesting so it's more or less included FREE - please let me know ASAP in anyone is still interested as I'd like to pick up a ticket for the Friday March 11th game against the Bruins with the money I receive from this sale.....thanks!  Eric, I've emailed you already.....

P.S. If anyone can troubleshoot me on how to upload photos (not evident at ALL; how do I create a url from scratch?) that would be very much appreciated!

****[original post follows]****

Not sure if I'm in the right place to list these, but have owned (3) vintage white Islanders fisherman logo caps since 1995 and am looking to sell them; know that this may not be an interested community (given how detested the design seems to be!) but there has definitely been a steady interest on eBay - has become kind of kitschy or camp to wear anything with it - jerseys both replica and authentic almost always sell:


1. (Never worn, made by Sports Specialties for NHL Center Ice collection)  features 1.25" lighthouse logo in bottom front of vertically-distorted ISLANDERS in serif font w/blue & white fisherman logo set against 1/6th-sized horizontally-lined triangle from peak of cap (almost NO yellowing). Navy blue bill/visor   Price: $19.99

2.  (Barely worn, made by Starter) features vertically-arched wordmark w/ ISLANDERS in slightly distorted serif (black w/individual teal outline) and small fisherman logo in colors on left side, 1st triangle (NO yellowing). White bill/visor  Price: $9.99


3.  (Worn no more than 6 times, made by 'The Game') VERY rare full colors fisherman logo across most of cap (slightly distorted to space limitations) highly prized amongst collectors of 1995-1997 related memorabilia (some minor yellowing; will attempt to remove before sending). Navy blue bill/visor w/ diagonal 'NEW YORK Islanders'  80's-90's authorized wordmark in white and orange on left corner  Price: $29.99


(NOTE: none of them were ever exposed to direct sunlight). Checking eBay, the starting list price for most vintage Islanders caps has shot up in the last few months; some of the NON-fisherman/lighthouse caps are listing as 'Buy It Now' items at $100 (!) although I don't think the sellers will get that much for them in this economy and with a somewhat limited market. If you're interested, I can send pictures of them all shortly.....

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