Better Days: How far will the rebuild bring us?

LHH Editor's Note: Sorry for the technical snafus/commenting issues this morning. I'm told they've been resolved, and all hamsters are running at full strength. Meantime, check out this FanPost query from backstop87.

With the recent extension of Matt Moulson, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Until then, many of us wondered if this rebuild was authentic, or just another way for the owner to minimize his losses on a struggling franchise. But now the rebuild is starting to look legit, so we ask ourselves: What kind of fruit will it bear down the road?

When it comes to success in pro sports, there are 5 different categories teams fall into. I've broken down each category with descriptions and examples of each:

    5 Categories of Success in Pro Sports

1) Elite - These teams can contend for years, are built to last and win at least 1  Cup. These teams are built primarily through the draft.

Examples: Detroit Red Wings; Pittsburgh Penguins

2) Very Good - Clearly a cut above the rest, but not quite elite, these teams contend for several years but have a smaller window in which to bring home Lord Stanley and some never do. Many "Choke Artists" fall into this category.

Examples: San Jose Sharks; Vancouver CanucksWashington Capitals

3) Respectable - These teams generally make the playoffs annually and sometimes make deep runs, but their chances of winning it all are less than the first two categories. When they do win it all, it's usually because they "got hot" at the right time. Built less through the draft and more through Free Agency, these teams are expensive to run.

Examples: Montreal Canadiens; Boston Bruins

4) Bubble Team - These perennial playoff teams often barely make, or barely miss the postseason. They are fun to watch and help fill seats, but have a habit of fading away quickly.

Examples:  New York Rangers; Buffalo Sabres; Dallas Stars

5) Bottom Feeders - The only way is up!!

Examples: (Clears Throat) I'll just leave this one blank...


So now you get to predict!



**My own prediction: 

With a forward core of Tavares, Grabner, Okposo, Moulson, and Neiderreiter, supported by our promising young defense and backstoped by the capable Kevin Poulin, the Isles should eventually fall into Category 1 - Elite.**

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