We do love our hashtag memes here at Lighthouse Hockey, so this is a spot to collect and create our favorites.  (One per comment, please, to make it easier to find and rec the really good stuff!)

I've gone through the prior threads and I think I've got all the rec'd stuff, along with most of the rest of them.  There were a couple I tweaked for clarity.  Please accept my apologies for any goofs or oversights - and feel free to re-post in the comments below.  Below the jump, the best of "Michael Grabner is so fast..."

#grabsisfast ...

"Michael Grabner is so fast, he was able to take the picture of himself scoring on Miller in OT." -mikb

"Grabs is so fast that he's back sitting on the bench in time to sing Life is Life before the red light is on." -Paumanok

"Michael Grabner is so fast he can Twitter his goals as they happen." -mikb

"Michael Grabner is so fast he could drop his gloves in front of Maxime Talbot and score before he turtles." -JPinVA

"Grabner is so fast he breaks radar guns when they gauge him." -OzzyFan

"Grabner is so fast that he beat Michael Phelps' swimming records by running on the bottom of the pool." -OzzyFan

"Grabner is so fast that he is the only person to have ever taken flight from running." -OzzyFan

"Grabner is so fast he can actually catch OzzyFan sleeping." -WebBard

"Grabs is so fast he's his own 2-on-1." -19 Isle in NJ 22

"He's gone to PLAID!" -John Candy, via bob l

"Michael Grabner will make point-five past lightspeed." -mikb

"Michael Grabner is scoring so many goals for the Islanders, as a league we must do a better job of protecting the integrity of the game and we must make it clear that those kinds of actions will not be tolerated and will be met with meaningful disciplinary action... I need to re-think whether I want to be a part of it." -nyisles1974, channeling Mario Lemieux

"Michael Grabner is so fast that he can defeat the gravitational force of a black hole and escape the event horizon." -garik16

"There once was a man from Villach
Whom everyone loved to watch
He's adept at ice hockey
And not a bit cocky
And skates faster than I can drink scotch." -JPinVA

"Overspeed wears #40." -Fabraption

"Michael Grabner scores on real NHL goalies with the NHL '94 Wraparound Move." -mikb

"Grabner is so fast, he scored on a wraparound and sat on the bench before the goalie got back to his crease." -Rickfansince76

"Granber saw a quarter on the ice during a breakaway, went over to pick it up, and came back and scored before anyone realized he was gone." -mikb

"Ninjas watch Michael Grabner play hockey and sigh dreamily." -mikb

<em>Submitted FanPosts do not necessarily reflect the views of this blog or SB Nation. If you're reading this statement, you pass the fine print legalese test. Four stars for you.</em>

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