A respectful question from a Pens fan - not a troll


{Editor's Note - I've moved this comment from the Sabres game thread to this separate post, so we can have a friendly and rational discussion, similar to the one that developed between all of us and Justin and Frank from Pensburgh in the Pittsburgh game recap.  Let me please emphasize FRIENDLY.  I think the poster has a legit question, and is asking in a calm manner.

{So, I'll turn it over to "alt31" below the jump, and leave our replies to the comments.  -mikb}

Sorry for the late reply, it's the 24 hour delay to signing up.

I’ll say right now, that I am a Pens fan, but I’m not trolling, and I hope I can get a more rational discussion than "Crysby suxx" that one usually finds throughout the internet world. First of all, I’d like to ask what suspensions and fines the Penguins deserve for Friday’s incidents? The match penalties that were issued to the Pens resulted directly from fights (and I admittedly don’t have the highlights in front of me as the only ones I can find don’t show the aggressor) that were instigated by the Islanders. It wasn’t the fights that drew the fines, but the instigation of the fights.

The Islanders made it known that they were out for revenge, and began instigating fights after they were already up 6-0 on a dilapidated Penguins roster. I’ve seen it written that the Penguins injuries mean nothing to the Islanders, who are depleted themselves, but I’d like to put forth this fact: The Islanders have lost roughly $17 million of their salary cap due to injury. The Penguins, on the other hand, have lost around 26 million salary cap dollars. This means that over half of the allowed NHL salary cap of the Pittsburgh Penguins is in the press box. That is more than significant. So yes, I do believe the Pens have a voice in the "most injury plagued team" conversation this year.
Lastly, I’ve watched the Comeau hit over and over and I see a clean hit every time. I’m trying to see it as an objective fan, not a Penguins fan, so I’m asking you guys to explain to me what made that hit dirty. I’m not being a dick, I really want to know your viewpoint. 

PS - another from the very bottom of the Pitt game recap as well, from "lostprophetRJX" :

Just curious...

Which exactly sparked the whole retribution thing? Talbot’s hit on Comeau? Johnson’s KO of DP? Both? I’m also hearing a lot (ie. Konopka) about the Isles finally frustrated about being pushed around. Was this from all teams or just us?

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