Welfare Points (yes, again)

As discussed previously by Jonny4Gets, here's a look at how the Eastern Conference Standings would have looked this morning using a 3 point per game system.

Regulation Wins earn 3 points
Overtime/SO Wins earn 2 points
Overtime/SO Losses earn 1 point
Regulation Losses earn 0 points

PHI 27 .630 51 14 3 3 7
FLA 28 .607 51 15 1 4 8
BOS 27 .605 49 14 3 1 9
PIT 29 .552 48 12 4 4 9
NYR 25 .627 47 13 2 4 6
TOR 28 .524 44 11 4 3 10
BUF 27 .506 41 11 3 2 11
OTT 29 .460 40 10 3 4 12
WPG 27 .481 39 11 1 4 11
WSH 27 .457 37 8 6 1 12
MTL 29 .425 37 8 3 7 11
NJD 27 .432 35 6 8 1 12
NYI 26 .423 33 9 0 6 11
TBL 28 .393 33 7 5 2 14
CAR 30 .344 31 9 0 4 17

The current top 8 would not change, but the race for 8th changes quite a bit. Washington and New Jersey have identical 14-12-1 records in the current system, but because 8 of New Jersey's 14 wins have come after regulation, in the 3 point system, they end up 2 points behind Washington, but they both end up behind Winnipeg, which jumps from 12th to 9th because all but one of their 12 wins have come in regulation.

Likewise, the Islanders benefit from winning their games in regulation and jump past Tampa (with the tiebreaker), even though Tampa has 3 more wins than them in the current system.

Looking Back at Last Season

Washington finished atop the East at 48-23-11 107
In the new system, Philadelphia (47-23-12 106 to 41-6-12-23 147) jumps to 1st, while Boston (46-25-11 103 to 43-3-11-25 146) jumps from 3rd to 2nd. Washington (34-14-11-23) falls to 3rd due to the amount of wins they earned in OT/SO.

The rest of the top 8
Pittsburgh 34-15-8-25 140 - was 4th in the welfare system
Tampa Bay 32-14-11-25 135 - 5th
Montreal 36-8-8-30 132 - 6th
NY Rangers 32-12-5-33 - 8th on welfare
Buffalo 28-15-10-29 - 7th on welfare

In the hunt, Carolina finishes 9th again (29-11-11-31 120)
The rest stays fairly consistent with last year, though the Isles drop to 15th from 14th with 19-11-13-39 92.

The same 8 teams make the playoffs in the west, with some seeding changes. NSH to 4th, PHX to 5th, LAK up to 6th, ANA down to 7th and CHI in 8th.

The whole "It makes the standings confusing" argument is now moot, thanks to the Bettmans-that-be adding the (SO) column for the current tiebreak of discounting shootout wins.

In a vacuum, it would seem the safer play would be to get to OT to get 1 point instead of 0, with the chance for a 2nd point. However, doing that could cost you a point in the standings against a rival who managed the regulation win. This should drive teams to make the riskier play for the 3 points, which means better finishes in close games as teams actually try to win rather than play for OT.

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