Kyle Turris deal immanent?

Possibly, maybe, sort of... at least, that's the impression I get following the Twitter feed of TSN's Darren Dreger, who is trying to get details.

These are his four most current tweets as of about 11:45 am (EST):

1 hour ago: Things are heating up on the Kyle Turris trade front. Sources indicate a deal could come down today.
1 hour ago: Told the Calgary Flames are out of the Turris hunt. Ottawa still has interest. Wpg isn't in. Toronto is in its freeze (lol)...
47 min ago: @StevenEllisNHL. Calgary is not a frontrunner. Not in it anymore. Leafs are in a roster freeze. Don't attach your info to mine. [Ed note: heheheheheh]
10 min ago: @TheFourthPeriod. My pleasure. It will be interesting to see where Turris lands and the return the Yotes get for him.

Turris is a young forward of some considerable promise, a former third-overall draft pick, but with some baggage thanks to his holdout this season. Is that baggage the Islanders would overlook? And if so, what could be on the table in exchange for him? Some useless speculation below the jump.

Josh Bailey. Playing very well lately, which may be the sort of impetus the club would need to "sell high." Pro - the Isles could always use high-end potential at wing, especially someone ready to contribute at NHL level. Con - the Isles can use high-end potential everywhere, and Bailey really does have that kind of potential. He looks like maturing into that very good second-line center who can threaten other teams enough that they can't constantly key on John Tavares' line all the time. Besides which, Turris is also a center and has been less productive than Bailey thus far in his career. Verdict: I'd wouldn't do it.

Prospect package. Here, you can fill in the blanks with the not-yet-here players you would least mind seeing elsewhere. Pro - This offers both sides more flexibility to come to terms, and in exchange the Isles get a kid who is 22 and already has 137 (and counting) NHL games. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush leagues. Con - the Isles' not-yet-here players seem, as a group, to have a lot more potential than Turris, at least in his current enigmatic status. Verdict: This is where the debate really lies. What Garth Snow is likely to offer is probably not nearly as appealing as what Don MAloney hopes for, given his insistance earlier in the year that Turris was completely untouchable and not for trading.

Veteran package. Phoenix is currently siting at 35 points after 31 games played - the NHL average is currently 34 in 31 games (thanks bonus points! MWAH). They are painfully, miserably thin at center right now - they have about eight different pivots, the best of whom is probably Martin Hanzal. They could use the help to keep their playoff hopes alive. Pro - the Isles could unburden themselves of some unproductive players blocking the progress of young prospects. Con - Turris cap hit ($1.4 million this year and next) might not be sufficient to keep the Isles over the floor. Also, it's harder to find the parts that would fit the Coyotes' needs. The man most likely to depart in this situation is Frans Nielsen. Verdict: Probably not a match.

This begins to look dicey for the Isles, so what say you all? Where will Turris go, if not Long Island?

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