Islanders Bits, NHL Power Rankings, Al Montoya's Magical Save

It's just by a hair, but the New York Islanders are still behind Anaheim and ahead of Columbus -- who I swear will keep rising -- in our weekly NHL power rankings. That's as of Sunday night's results, so it excludes last night's Isles win in Buffalo, among other variables.

Those tables and the weekly media ranking roundup after the jump. But first, some further Islanders coverage and reliving Al Montoya's "double Toyota" save on the 5-on-3 last night.:

  • Eric Hornick's "Skinny" bids adieu to November.
  • Die by the Blade's recap of the game, and account of scoring chances
  • The AP recap brings up how Tomas Vanek once beat Al Montoya in OT in college.
  • Brock Nelson love: Weekly honors for the Reverend. And a press conference.
  • The Isles next opponent was "dominated" by Phoenix at home, so expect Chicago to be angry or something Friday.
  • I am pimping this strictly because I wrote it: A quick-and-dirty rundown of how teams are handling the top 5 picks (and #8s) from the last two drafts. Yes, Nino was on the mind.
  • Dale Hunter lost his NHL coaching debut to the Blues, with whom Pierre Turgeon spent a large chunk of his NHL career. As far as I know, Hunter did not assault anyone after the final whistle. I hope he loses every game he ever coaches though. (No, I'm not bitter. Why do you ask?)
  • Hunter is a gazillion wins short of Ken Hitchcock, but that won't stop people from comparing the two.
  • Because we have some MAB fans: A very detailed look at Marc-Andre Bergeron's shot Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Via Puck Daddy yesterday: Evgeni Malkin Would Like a Word With You - Pittsburgh Magazine
  • In that AP recap, Capuano is quoted saying:

    "We showed some desperation and then Al was there when we needed him to be," coach Jack Capuano said. "We kept coming. We have to play with an attitude that maybe we didn’t play with the first couple of weeks."

    Hmmm, I'm not sure "attitude" is quite the thing -- and wasn't scratching Attitude-in-Chief Micheal Haley supposed to cause the Isles to fold last night due to a severe Grit Deficiency? -- but I'll take whatever attitude works for the team to believe in.

    In the Newsday recap, not for the first time this season Brian Rolston was quoted with what might be interpreted as a healthy endorsement of Al:

    "Our goaltender was our best player tonight, and if our goaltender is our best player every night we're going to win a lot of games,"

    Whatever could he mean? Oh, maybe he means moments like this:

    Al Montoya Robs Derek Roy Twice

    Yeah, yeah that might be it.

    Media Power Rankings

    Finally, after weeks of benign verbiage, the media take the silly stick to the Isles.

    Outlet Rank Last Week Their Commentary
    CBSSports 29 30
    They needed the situation room in Toronto to review a potential game-tying goal in the closing seconds over the weekend. Thankfully, the correct call was made, enabling the Islanders to finally win their first road game of the season. They held on to beat the New Jersey Devils on Saturday afternoon. [Ed. note: Good talk, Russ.]
    28 28
    Awful Isles now NHL’s worst team in terms of 5-on-5 goals-for/against ratio (0.64).
    29 29 Worst goal differential in the league; unable to get their promising offense going; just one road win. It doesn't get much worse, does it? Oh, sorry, these are the Islanders. Of course it could get worse. [Ed. note: LeBruuuuun, you're being very un-Dude like. Whoops, of course this one is Burnside. Doh!]
    CBC 29 30 As one journalist told me the other day, "I don't care what the stats are, the Islanders are the worst team in the NHL." Well, you don't have to look too far to find the stats to support that claim. The Isles have been shutout in three of their last five games and haven't won back-to-back games since games three and four to start the season. [Ed. note: Oh, well if a JOURNALIST said it, then ... yeah.]
    29 28 John Tavares has one goal in the last 12 games and has been held without a point in the last five and, strangely enough, the Isles don't seem to have the complementary scoring to handle that lull in production.
    Fox 30 29 It’s been said a million times, but you still have to wonder how the Isles feel about being on the hook for Rick DiPietro and his $4.5 million salary in 2020-21. [Ed. note: You do?]
    28.8 I tend to look at goals against without accounting for empty net goals. That's just how I roll. A journalist told me it works.

    Real Power Rankings

    These are before last night's win. Mike tells me the OT loss to the Sharks boosts the rating, but the Isles were higher before other results bumped them down over the weekend..

    Our weekly "real" power rankings are courtesy of Mike, or ICanSeeForIslesAndIsles (who is the one you'll find tirelessly compiling FIG picks in the game thread), conceived and delivers these week after week. They reflect games through Sunday.

    Explanation of how he does it is in the original post. If you have any questions about it, leave them in comments and he'll likely answer. For reference, last week's post is here.

    W L OTL Pts Win Pct PWR
    1 San Jose 13 6 1 27 0.675 2066
    2 Pittsburgh 14 6 4 32 0.667 1905
    3 NY Rangers 12 5 3 27 0.675 1884
    4 Boston 14 7 1 29 0.659 1860
    5 St. Louis 13 8 2 28 0.609 1836
    6 Detroit 14 7 1 29 0.659 1823
    7 Philadelphia 13 7 3 29 0.630 1796
    8 Minnesota 13 7 3 29 0.630 1789
    9 Phoenix 12 7 3 27 0.614 1785
    10 Florida 12 7 4 28 0.609 1782
    11 Toronto 14 8 2 30 0.625 1768
    12 Edmonton 12 9 2 26 0.565 1750
    13 Chicago 14 7 3 31 0.646 1745
    14 Los Angeles 11 8 4 26 0.565 1719
    15 Vancouver 13 9 1 27 0.587 1711
    16 Washington 12 9 1 25 0.568 1663
    17 Tampa Bay 11 9 2 24 0.545 1650
    18 Dallas 13 9 1 27 0.587 1640
    19 Buffalo 13 9 1 27 0.587 1623
    20 New Jersey 12 9 1 25 0.568 1592
    21 Nashville 10 8 4 24 0.545 1538
    22 Montreal 10 10 4 24 0.500 1501
    23 Ottawa 11 10 2 24 0.522 1500
    24 Winnipeg 9 10 4 22 0.478 1424
    25 Colorado 10 12 1 21 0.457 1325
    26 Calgary 9 12 1 19 0.432 1291
    27 Carolina 8 13 4 20 0.400 1289
    28 Anaheim 6 13 4 16 0.348 1197
    29 NY Islanders 6 11 4 16 0.381 1194
    30 Columbus 6 14 3 15 0.326 900

    Columbus will climb over 1000 one of these days, I swear to it.

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