What led to this losing streak

One thing every fan on here can agree with, this season has been very frustrating to watch. People had all different expectations, I got one believed the 8th spot in the east was very open for us to take. Some believed we could do above that and some people we could at least be a playoff contender and barely miss it. However even AP77 says this is getting ridiculous. A bottom 5 team again?

With all our young talent and good goal tending between the pipes. So my question for everyone is what do you think mostly ails our team. I've heard everything from the young guys to the veterans to the defense to Cappy  and to the 3 headed goalie situation. So here's a  list of everything that has turned our team into the lowest scoring team in the leauge.

Let's start with the young gunners. No one has been lighting it it up every game. Tavares leads the team in point but he cannot score every single night. Even Crosby, Ovi, Malkin and most all stars don't score every single game they just have more multi-point games than others. This is why a team needs to have more scoring than just a single line. Secondary scoring has been a concern this whole year and a big part of that is players like Bailey Comeau Okposo and even Grabner under performing to what they can accomplish in this league.

The veterans on the team are also a problem. There presense can slow down the entire team. Let's face it Staios slows Streit down, Rolston doesn't do much besides the 2 goals hes potted ( which IMO doesn't make up for all his bad play) and Pandolfo just doesn't really hurt or help the team either way. Our younger players could have probably done the same thing while adding more speed to the team which would have helped fit our young identity.

Our defense overall is very slow and old. Hamonic and MacDonald are the only 2 with any real youth left and our only real good pairing. Streit is great but Staios and Jurcina not so much. Eaton and Mottau are both sub-par defenders even for a bottom pairing. How could Wishart have help this this season? Or even Reese who could sometimes at least contribute offensively.

Our Peter Griffin look alike coach has also been brought up. A lot ails this team but it's the coaches job to help them work through this. Too many times has he looked happy about losing. Only one game was he unhappy with their performance and the next game was the best in a while. If he can keep their play up like they did aganist the Rags they'll win more games and can get back into playoff contention. If not there is way to much talent here for Cappy to have an excuse.

The last problem, which I've heard from many people isn't our biggest yet can't be ignored, is our goal-tending situation. Three goalies is not ideal for any team. All goalies have played well but Montoya's numbers look superior to Nabby and DP's at this point. Having only a starter and a backup will free up another spot and another seat in the box for some under-performers.

Overall I believe all these problems lead to what our current record is. This team had promise but many problems going into this season and many ifs going in. Well the ifs have happened so now its time to make a change. Garth has to make some moves now. I know it can't be an easy task for a GM to do this however it is what good GM's do. They make their team better. The rebuild still looks promising but come on Garthy it's time to start winning.

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