Islanders Report Card

1. Goalies - B+ The goaltending has not been the issue. They have not played great every night, but besides maybe 2 clunkers the goalies have been the only ones keeping us in the game. Would having only 2 on the roster help, definately, but that is not why they are losing.

Montoya - A

Nabokov - B

DiPi - C+


2. Defenseman - D+ The Islanders have not been giving up too many goals but that is in spight of the defense not because of them. They are slow. They do not make smart decisions with the puck. They have trouble getting the puck out of their zone once it is in deep. Too many passes are intercepted. They are very soft.

Streit - C+ has not played this year as good as he has in the past, most probably rust from not playing last season but maybe he has lost a step.

Hamonic and AMac - B - Neither one is playing as good as last season but they have probably played better than the rest.

Jurcina - D - Has not looked very good in the games he has played since back from Injury

Eaton, Mottau, Staios - D- They are slow and soft. They get beat all the time.


3. Forwards - Overall  a  D

A) JT has looked great. He looks much stronger skating this year and shows much more confidence with the puck. He deserves an A.  

B) Grabner, Moulson, Parenteau, and Neilsen all have had good stretches and bad stretches. I will give them a C+. I am probably being a little generous maybe a C.

C) Martin I will give him a C. He is the only player on this roster that is not soft. He has shown growth and maturity and comes to play every night. Also not taking dumb penalties.

D) Reasoner - C-  He is doing what we aksed but his numbers are not much better than Konopka. Konopka has a better FO% this year and has 2 points and -1 +/-.

E) Rolston and Pandolfo - D they are old and slow. They have not brought anything to the team.

F) Okposo, Comeau, and Bailey - F   If there was a grade worst than F I would give it. They haqve been invisible. They have taken not periods off but the WHOLE season off. I do not think they should be waived or traded yet but they need to be benched. Okposo needs his A removed from his jersey.

G) Coaching - D. Cappi has been way too soft when handling this team. He has to make players take responsibility of their horrific play.

Overall grade of the team is a D. They are soft, slow, horrible passers, bad at faceoffs and make terrible decisions with the puck. The Goalies are the only ones keeping them in games. Too many players on this team disapear for games at a time.

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