Bits: Media will Go Islanders-to-Belmont, but We've Got Hockey to Discuss

We'll play wherever they let us play.

"That's like a 40-degree day. Ain't nobody got nothing to say about a 40-degree day."
--Stringer Bell, "The Wire" Season 3.3

Every time a new report, usually from Newsday, shares details of a politician or developer (but I repeat myself) talking about a new Coliseum proposal, it inevitably gets relayed through the national media as, "The Islanders submit a new arena proposal" or some such poor reading comprehension that overlooks the source.

With Newsday reporting that Nassau officials, the Hofstra president and Shinnecock reps are revisiting the idea of an arena-casino-track complex in Belmont [FanShot here], I suspect that will happen again. Have fun with it and see how it gets translated in other outlets.

(For the record, it's our site policy not to lose sleep every time a new proposal is discussed; but we feel some obligation to mention them, especially for our many readers in the Islanders diaspora  around the world.)

Anyway, if that happens some day, cool. But the Isles' 2011-12 starts Saturday. On with the hockey topics, then:


Oh, wait, one more thing. Related to all that: The Long Island Economic Development Council discusses a standard for projects to request state aid.


Ways of Looking at Staios in a Positive Veteran Light

Here's Steve Staios in Newsday on what he thinks he can bring:

" can’t make the playoffs today or tomorrow. But you can definitely take steps toward it. You’re going to have ups and downs through the year. I think that’s where maybe I can help out. We have to keep as consistent as possible. It’s inevitable you go through down periods when the team is not playing well. If we can shorten those times, those points of the season are very critical. It’s a grind, it’s a long season. Hopefully, guys can lean on me during that time..."

You know, I have been suspicious of what Staios has left to offer. But I am sympathetic to the psychological and season-long grind side of the game. What he speaks of is generally what you turn to veterans for: Guys who have been there, who keep the young-and-innocent-and-I-get-to-live-forever pups honest.

If Staios and Jay Pandolfo (signed yesterday) can bring that, great. But I bet Mark Streit and Frans Nielsen can do that too, albeit in Central European accents.

Also in that article, more Jack Capuano, talking about the young kids, and showing his motivational speaker side:

"So, for me, they have to step to the plate now. They can’t look back. They have to understand that the chance they were given, it’s over now. They have to win hockey games..."


Meanwhile, Ryan Strome was signed yesterday too. Two things to know there: First, he had to sign by yesterday or couldn't sign this season at all (and couldn't, theoretically, be recalled from his junior team once their season ends). Second, a third of his signing bonus will apply to the cap this year, even if he's returned to juniors. I'm still sticking to my longheld assumption that he's going back to juniors. But I'm second-guessing myself, yes I am.


Islanders Links


Hockey Links

Rosters need to be set by 3 p.m. Eastern today. Stay tuned.

Parting thought: I got a flu shot, and my arm hurts -- and not just general soreness hurt; it huuu-wats like I can't speak English because I'm a 4-year-old who doesn't understand the strange restrictions this world poses upon me.

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