After 5 games a review

1. JT has elevated his game. He looks stronger than last season and he is carrying this team on his back as of now.

2. The 1st line as a whole is playing great. Yes Ozzy that includes PA. The line looks strong and is going to be a force to deal with this season. (Right now I would say I was wrong about PA on the 1st line. But I reserve final judgement for a later time)


3.The 2nd line does not look bad but it hasn't jelled yet either. Okposo still loves to hit posts. Grabner has scored 2 goals but he hasn't exactly been making those great plays we saw last season either.  Frans has looked like Frans. This line has to put up better numbers and create more plays. Overall they have looked average at best, but right now I am not worried about them.


4. The 3rd and 4th lines are an absolute mess I said they would be. Bailey has looked good defensively and has made maybe to nice offensive plays that nothing came from, but that is it. No offense at all. I am not sure what Comeau did to be in Cappi's dog house but it is way too early in the season for him to be benched 2 games in a row especially when he is playing not on the wing side he is used to. Rolston, Martin and Reasoner have looked ok but are not bringing anything to the table. Pandolfo should not be on this team. I do not understand why he was signed at all and he has shown nothing to change me mind. Having Gillies take up a bench space just for the most 5 minutes a game is an absolute joke.


5. Defense has been good. The last game we had trouble getting out of our own zone and a few defensive lapses giving up the the puck. But overall play has been a surprise.


6.  Goaltending has been great. Montoya has started off right where he ended up last season. Nabokov also looked good in net.


7. Since Nino is hurt and it is one of those nagging injuries I would rather send him back to the Juniors for 1 more season. PA is playing well and I would rather have him stay in the Juniors than having him play 3rd line duty time.


8. There is no offense except from the 1st line. The 2nd line leave alone it will come. But the 3rd and 4th lines are the abomination I thought they would be. Benching Comeau for Gillies is not smart and signing Pandolfo was a waste. Comeau looks very unconfortable playing on the opposite side for Rolston. Pandolfo needs to be the healthy scratch, Gillies needs to be waved. Switch Rolston and Comeau  around and bring up Haley to play with Martin and Reasoner. Leave the lines alone for a week.


9. Their play at times seems uninspired. They need to set a fire under the 2-4th lines.


10. I have been to almost every game the Islanders have played the Panthers in FL for the past 10 years. If I say that maybe the Islanders have played 2 good games in that time  I would be luckey, I am not talking about even winning I just want them to play a good game. I want them to come out flying Saturday Night while I am there.

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