Funny somewhat random questions and observations

Have all the Islanders Yashin jerseys been burned? Or is it a sin to still wear one? I never see them around anymore.


Would it be awkward to wear or make an Islanders Chara jersey with a C on it proudly and repeatedly? We did draft the man and play him for 4 seasons, but he's a "real" Bruin/Senator.


If you've been to the coliseum, you know the guy that has the season tix, gold hair, and rangers suck "rangers" kids jersey across his ass all game. How hard do you think it was for him to customize it? How old do you think it is?


Is Andy Sutton unquestionably the hardest checker the Isles ever had? I know Witt could light people up and Kaspar did his thing as Webb and others were solid, but just the giant 245lbs wrecking ball sutton could make himself was incredible. I know we had Chara, but I don't recall Chara destroying people as well as Sutton did. We all saw the playoffs hit where he almost killed someone right: and he has hurt others:  Damn I miss having a big hitting d-man on the isles that lines people up.


Fisherman jerseys, do they deserve a comeback? Not now, but say like a 20th anniversary fisherman jersey or something pimped out with an angry fisherman or something, redid nicely. We are a team all about heritage right, and it'd be hilarious, or at minimum a hilarious 3rd jersey. Or just to give it to the smurfs fans, make it the fisherman standing proudly over a knocked out ranger or something as the main center logo.


Since they have Gremlin jerseys for Grabs sold at the NVMC, why not a Gremlin Night or Gremlin appreciation night for the kids? Or at minimum a showing of Gremlins 1 on the Jumbotron 1 night for all the fans and the kids.


If you had a choice to go to Vegas with Wang or Snow, who would you pick and why? What would be some of the activities you guys participate in there?


Who wins a fight in prime vs prime, Clark Gillies vs Trevor Gillies?


Serious question, is Butchie senile or just a doofus?


If Howie and Butchie played a game of Scrabble, how many misspelled and made-up words does Butchie have by the end of the game?


Who wins this race, Grabner on Nyquill vs Nielsen on Cocaine?


How many games till the next occurrence of Nielsen's thugery? Should Briere pray for his life?


Martin St.Louis, is he legally a midget or a dwarf?


Kvasha and Jurcina get into a fight, who wins and how long into the fight is the first punch thrown?


How much would you pay to see Milbury fight Cherry? How does it go down and who wins?


Matt Moulson, is he Michael Jackson's half-brother?


Trent Hunter, was he in the movie 300 or not?


Does Travis Hamonic have more toughness than Eaton, Mottau, Staios, and Jurcina combined?


Who wins a team drinking contest Jurcina or Trevor Gillies?


Is Matt Martin secretly a spanish conquistador?: 


Why hasn't Capuano gotten a commercial deal with the men's big and tall store yet?


You are stuck on a desolate island with only one person, your choices are Bailey or Comeau, who do you pick and why?


If there were one current islander you'd get to hang out with for a week, who would you pick and why? What would you want to do with them?


Is it a coincidence that Gretzky(the great one) and Frans look alike? I think not.


Always with the Yashin comeback talk, why have we never tried to make amends with Palffy? The man is 39 this year and hasn't played hockey in a year, but we should have done something. He was a 40goal/80pts player in his prime, and I bet if we went after him last year or this year, he would still be able to net 20goals/40pts and be a decent 2-way player. He was an elite talent. I would have preferred him over Pandolfo this year and Schremp last year, but that's besides the point. I wish we would have pursued him the second he was thinking about coming out of retirement 4yrs ago. Damn I miss him.


What would you trade to get this man on your team for the next 3-5yrs?: 

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