LHH Tournament Of Legends

This was originally captioned as "Bill Smith" when everyone KNOWS it's Billy Smith. But hey, at least they remembered he has 2 L's in his name.

Back in August I put out a call for people who wanted to take part in a tournament. Hoping to get 10 people involved, and with each person drafting 10 players from the Islanders history, it required a ranking of 110 Isles. In the end four people volunteered and sent me in lists, Fire Garth Snow, ChrisMC, Pretty Good Idiot and MDelbags. Since they had sent in more then enough players, I decided to have them draft whole teams. Other then the top 4 of every list, there was very little that was the same between them.

Each team ended up with 19 players, 12 forwards, 6 defenseman and 1 goalie. I told them not to worry about Wings and Centers in order to make things easier. I also allowed them to add some character by naming the team and picking the lines, those that didn't I just setup lines based on when people were drafted. After the jump is the results of the draft and each team roster. This is going to be the first of two parts. I need you the reader to vote in the comments on which teams you think would win. The two winning teams and two losing teams will face off in the next part for 1st and 3rd place respectively.

I just wanted to say thank you to those that joined, as it was definitely tough to rank 110 Islander players. If people like how this worked out, we might try something similar in the future.

Draft Results and Rosters

Fire Garth Snow
1.1 Mike Bossy - F
2.1 Clark Gillies - F
3.1 John Tonelli - F
4.1 Bob Nystrom - F
5.1 Zdeno Chara - D
6.1 Roberto Luongo - G
7.1 Butch Goring - F
8.1 Bob Bourne - F
9.1 Vladimir Malakhov - D
10.1 Billy Harris - F
11.1 Olli Jokinen - F
12.1 Duane Sutter - F
13.1 Ryan Smyth - F
14.1 Wendell Clark - F
15.1 Dave Volek - F
16.1 Bryan McCabe - D
17.1 Mathieu Schnieder - D
18.1 Eric Brewer - D
19.1 Tom Poti - D

1.2 Bryan Trottier - F
2.2 Pat Lafontaine - F
3.2 Brent Sutter - F
4.2 Ray Ferraro - F
5.2 Alexei Yashin - F
6.2 Mariusz Czerkawski - F
7.2 Tomas Jonsson - D
8.2 Patrick Flatley - F
9.2 Mikko Makela - F
10.2 Rick DiPietro - G
11.2 Adrian Aucoin - D
12.2 Miroslav Satan - F
13.2 Anders Kallur- F
14.2 Trent Hunter - F
15.2 J.P. Parise - F
16.2 Tom Kurvers - D
17.2 Doug Crossman - D
18.2 Jeff Norton - D
19.2 Gerald Diduck - D

Pretty Good Idiot
1.3 Denis Potvin - D
2.3 Ziggy Palffy - F
3.3 Steve Thomas - F
4.3 Derek King - F
5.3 Matt Moulson - F
6.3 Michael Grabner - F
7.3 Michael Peca - F
8.3 Jason Blake - F
9.3 Robert Riechel - F
10.3 Mark Parrish - F
11.3 Bryan Berard - D
12.3 Brian Smolinski - F
13.3 Janne Niinimaa - D
14.3 Roman Hamrlik - D
15.3 Ron Hextall - G
16.3 Trevor Linden - F
17.3 Tom Fitzgerald - F
18.3 Jamie Heward - D
19.3 Gord Lane - D

1.4 Billy Smith - G
2.4 Pierre Turgeon - F
3.4 Stefan Persson - D
4.4 Mark Streit - D
5.4 John Tavares - F
6.4 Darius Kasparaitis - D
7.4 Beniot Hogue - F
8.4 Ken Morrow - D
9.4 Kenny Jonsson - D
10.4 Jean Potvin - D
11.4 Gary Howatt - F
12.4 Dave Scatchard - F
13.4 Frans Nielsen - F
14.4 Kyle Okposo - F
15.4 Doug Weight - F
16.4 Claude Lapointe - F
17.4 Todd Bertuzzi - F
18.4 Lorne Henning - F
19.4 Bill Guerin - F

Fire Garth Snow

Bossy - Bourne - Gillies
Nystrom - Goring - Tonelli
D, Sutter - Harris - Smythe
Volek - Jokinen - Clark

Defense pairings:

Chara- Malakhov 
McCabe- Schnieder
Brewer- Poti


Captain: Nystrom. A's go to  Goring and Gillies


Trottier - Lafontaine - Sutter
Ferraro - Yashin - Czerwaski
Flatley - Makela - Satan
Kallur - Hunter - Parise

Defense Pairings:

T. Jonsson - Aucoin
Kurvers - Crossman
Norton - Diduck


Captain: Trottier

Pretty Good Idiot

Moulson - Reichel - Palffy
Blake - Smolinski - Grabner
Thomas - Peca - Parrish
King - Linden - Fitzgerald

Defense Pairings

Potvin - Berard
Hamrlik - Heward
Niinimaa - Lane


Captain: Potvin A's to Peca and Linden
Team Nickname: Glue Sniffin' Gutless Pukes


Turgeon - Tavares - Hogue
Howatt - Nielsen - Scratchard
Okposo - Weight - Lapointe
Bertuzzi - Henning - Guerin

Defense Pairings

Persson - Streit
Kasparaitis - Morrow
K. Jonsson - J. Potvin


Captain: Turgeon

Consider all players to be in their primes, even if their primes weren't with the Islanders. The first round will be Fire Garth Snow Vs MDelbags and ChrisMC Vs Pretty Good Idiot. Leave your votes in the comments below, and I'll calculate who moves on. Hopefully I'll have the finals posted within two weeks, instead of taking over a month to get this far.

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