NVMC - My Opinion - Pros/Cons

As many of you know I attended the NYI/NYR game on Saturday Oct 15 which was my first game at (gloriously un-sponsored) Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum . I wanted to let the awesome win sink in before I wrote a better post about the obvious pro's and con's about this place compared to when I was a kid 6-16 when my family had season tickets in Section 210. I am hoping this writing can start a genuine discussion about these issues beyond "wow they play in an old arena" which really is a dumb statement

I am an ordered list guy as it helps keep my thoughts and perhaps responses also.


  1. No one, male or female, should have to wait 20+ minutes to take a piss. This didnt seem so important when I was 12 but at 37 it definitely annoyed me that I missed the first 3 min of the 3rd period because the line was so long.
  2. In Phoenix at Jobing Arena, (Thanks to TheMetalChick below) vendors are clearly not the safest, but they do clean the concourse with the robotic vacuums between each period so as to give the appearance to be so clean you could literally do surgery on the floor between periods. Their concourse area is so wide the running of the bulls might be moved there. I also really like the black curtains they put up between periods so no light comes in from the outer area. I realize NVMC has none of this which is my point.
  3. Too many vendors, not enough room to walk. Though you could also say too few vendors, too many long lines. It's a clusterf*ck either way.
  4. Let me take this brief line to bitch about the ticket prices. I realize the standard of living may be higher in NY but paying $150+/ticket for anywhere in the 100's or 200's is insane.
  5. The seats are still uncomfortable, cramped and suck


  1. 90% of the seats are a good view. I was in Section 325 row K and it was an amazing view even at the other end. I saw all 6 goals clearly and directly. The vantage points are all quality.
  2. No smoking in the concourse anymore. 100000% better.
  3. NYIslanders store right in the NVMC. Best way to promote the team is to sell all the merchandise right there.
  4. New Scoreboard..the last time I was there it had the 9 split sections and they didnt show the game on the scoreboard for some reason. Also all the TV's at the higher levels were very cool too. The new scoreboard is a wonderful thing when the drunken smurf fans can't find their seats.
  5. The whole place feels cozy like "old time hockey". NVMC isn't the biggest, newest or prettiest but when we score a goal I bet their players know they f*cked up.


I would love to see the main concourse pushed out 30-50 feet while having the inner ice rink stay similar to how it is. New chairs couldn't hurt and I think it sucks there is still a blind spot. But overall the cozy inside is why were all go to the games not the crowded vendor lines.

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