Phase Two- Development:

One could say there are three parts of a rebuild. There's the draft. It could be said that the draft would be the foundation of any organization. Even one that is already winning. A team needs to continue to add new blood and assets. Good scouting is the key but there is also the element of luck. Having the number 1 pick when Sid Crosby's available is nice. There's also luck, like taken Datsyuk in the 6th round. The last part would be adding the right pieces via trade or free agency at the right time. The classic being Butch Going.

The second part may be the most difficult. Player development. The art of knowing how fast to push players through the system. Should an 18 year old be in the NHL? Josh Bailey or Jeff Skinner? Should a player leave college or stay for 4 years? Should a 20 year old be playing in Junior hockey or should he play in College? Should an 18 year old European play in the Swedish Elite league or Canadian Juniors? Should an 18 year old Russian first play in the KHL and get used to playing with men before he comes over to North America to learn a new culture?

This bring us to what I was thinking the other day when I was reading an entry on LH about how poorly the Sound Tigers were playing (1 win in 13 games) and who may be playing in Bridgeport next year. I started going throught the Islanders prospects and started to think about where they could be playing come Sept-Oct. 2011.

The Islanders will also need to consider how many to offer contracts to. I believe they can only have 50 on contract at any one time.

Which prospects have a chance to make the NHL? (Nino - deHaan?).

The Isles presently have two prospect in college ready to graduate this year. Shane Sims and Brian Day. Should they be offered contracts and try outs with the Sound Tigers?

There are six are in college that will be entering their Senior year in Sept 2011. Lee; Donovan; Trivino; Kessel, Ness; and Gregoire. Should any leave early, like KO did? Or stay all four years like Rhakshani?

There are also two that will be entering their Sophmore year in Nelson and Clark. How many more years until they should consider leaving?

Should players currently in Juniors stay another year or play in the AHL or NHL as a 20 year olds? Cizikas, de Haan;

Should the Isles offer AHL contract to 20 -21 year olds who play in Junoirs and don't dominant? Toews & Dehart?

How many of the above mentioned could be on the Sound Tigers next year? Who should not be offered contracts and stay in school or the Juniors? Should any leave college early?

 If I missed anyone or any situation, please point this out.




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