Potential Tradeable Players for the NY Islanders

Players that the Islanders could move at the trade deadline

At this point in the season, it is safe to say that the Islanders are going to miss the playoffs yet again. With the trade deadline approaching, I would like to take this opportunity to go down the Islander roster and pick a few potential players that could be traded by the Islanders come trade deadline. 



Matt Moulson: If the Islanders have no intentions of signing Moulson to a long term deal this summer, or if the current negotiations (assuming they are going on) do not work out as Snow and Wang want them to, then Moulson is probably the most tradeable asset the Islanders have at this point. He is a good goal scorer who is willing to pay the price in front of the net and is likely attractive for a number of teams struggling to score goals and unwilling to pay a big price for a goal scorer. I personally hope that he stays as it would send the message that Snow and Wang want to pay to keep players on the team. 

Blake Comeau: He is currently on one of his surges and is the most tradeable asset after Moulson. In fact, this may be the best time for Snow to pull the trigger on a trade for Comeau because it is still possible to see Comeau lapse into one of his scoring droughts (as experienced earlier this season). His contract expires at the end of this season, meaning that he could be a good rental for a contender looking for some depth. Whether the Islanders decide to sign him or not is yet to be seen.   

Rob Schremp: We all know that he is a solid player and has been a nice addition to this team, but his defensive game has always been lacking and the Islanders are currently have a jam at the center position. It is unlikely for him to be one of the centerpieces of this rebuild. He could probably fetch a draft pick or 2. 

Jesse Joensuu: He has been wildly inconsistent and mostly ineffective on the Island and is likely to have a long term career in the NHL. With all the up and coming talent the Islanders have in Bridgeport, it is unlikely that they resign Joensuu in the summer. It might be more convenient and productive to trade him for a draft pick (2nd or 3rd round) or add him to a Comeau or Schremp trade package.

Trent Hunter: Trent Hunter is no longer a big piece of the Islanders rebuild. He was great rookie many years ago and is a decent veteran presence on the team, but he is no longer getting the job done for this team. Snow might try to sell the idea to other GMs that this guy needs a fresh start and package him in a trade for either a good veteran player, or more draft picks. 

Frans Nielsen: Let me preface this by saying that this is a long shot. But if the Islanders are looking to get a top player, such as a Parise or a Semin (assuming they'd sign), the Islanders will have to trade away a top player. Nielsen is probably the best all around Islander, but in Garth's eyes, is more dispensable than Tavares, Bailey, or Okposo. As aforementioned, it is a long shot and I personally don't want it to happen. 


Jack Hillen:Jack Hillen was a great surprise last season, but has been inconsistent throughout this season. With the emergence of Hamonic and McDonald, the resigning of Jurcina, the year left for both Mottau and Eaton, and the eventual return of Streit, Hillen may find himself out of the top 6 for next season (this is without considering the possibility of De Haan joining the team next year and the possibility of drafting Laarson in June). Hillen is still young and could be a good asset for another young team looking for a good defenseman and could make for a good trade  if packaged with a Comeau or Schremp.

Bruno Gervais: Whether or not Bruno is attractive to any trading partners is still a mystery. What is not a mystery is that Bruno is not in the long term future of this team's defense.  Gervais has slowly dropped down the depth charts and faces even greater difficulty than HIllen at cracking the team next year. He could probably fetch a 3rd round draft pick. 

Dylan ReeseAnother defenseman losing favor due to the emergence of the youth on the club. Reese is only on the roster at the moment due to the numerous injuries. The Islanders are unlikely to trade all of the aforementioned defensemen (because they'll need depth in the case there are more injuries next year), but it is unlikely that all of them stay on the team. Like Gervais, Reese could fetch a decent draft pick. 

Radek Martinek: As stated above, the Islanders have a pretty good foundation set for their top 6 defensemen next season. Martinek may be the most attractive trading asset that the islanders have at Defense because of his good skill and his age. Martinek is one of the better defensive defensemen on this team and is often on the ice to take on the other team's top line, but he may no longer be necessary on this team with the emergence of McDonald and Hamonic. His contract expires at the end of the season and may instead be a valuable asset for a depth-seeking contender. Furthermore, his injury history makes him a high risk player and potentially a liability. Because the Islanders may still want some depth at the D position, this may still be a stretch.

The Islanders' only goaltender that is tradeable is probably Kevin Poulin, but it is unlikely that they move him. I wouldn't mind seeing them move Rick DiPietro, but his contract and injury-prone history is likely to make that next to impossible.  

I would like to emphasize that this is only my opinion. Please feel free to disagree. I'd love to hear what other people think. 

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