Which of these options is the most exciting part of this season for you?

Obviously, the most exciting part of this season is clearly not a real chance at a playoff birth or the possibility of a cup run. Obiously again, that is from the 2 injuries to our 2 main guys(arguably our most important forward and without question our most important d-man). So now, everyone should have a new outlook on what should be the main reason/main-thing they want to watch the islanders for other being a fun young team. NO OTHER OPTIONS BECAUSE I WANNA SEE HOW THE YOUNGISH PLAYERS MATURE, BECAUSE THAT"S AUTOMATICALLY AT THE TOP OF MANY OF OUR LISTS FOR WATCHING, AS IS THE LOVE OF THE ISLES AND THAT THEY ARE A YOUNG FUN TEAM AND THE FUTURE OF OUR FRANCHISE. WE ALL WONDER IF THIS IS THE YEAR BAILEY OR JT OR ANYONE MAKES A BIG JUMP AND MORE. So on with the list:

1. Finally finding out what should be Ricky DP's big decision year.

Obviously we can't be toying around with DP on and off the injury list till he's 35. This is his 3rd year coming back from the injury, and if he doesn't prove himself healthy now, then he should retire. If he proves himself healthy, then we finally find out what's left of him: good starting goalie, ok starting goalie, backup goalie, ahl goalie? All this should be answered this season, and it optimistically looks like he's going to be healthy for the start of the season.

2. Does Rollie still have it.

Obviously, Rollie put on a clinic last year, and at the age of 40yrs old. This year he is going to get a wealth of work again if he stays healthy. But living up to his potential that he showed last year will be someting hard to do.

3. Who is going to stay and who is going to leave after this year.

A number of players are on the last year of their deal, but very few are said to be "guaranteed" contract offers after this season. Schremp, Comeau, are 2 of the bigger names that must prove themselves important to the team in order to be given contracts next year and be considered important pieces of our future. They should be playing like they have something to prove, well, because they do have something to prove.

4. Seeing how the young nhl noobies look this season.

Again(lol), we have a number of new players with near no nhl experience that are pretty much guaranteed a good amount of nhl games this year barring injury. On the list of definite 20gm+ players I believe will be: Martin, Parenteau, Hamonic, Reese(probably), Nino(should be guaranteed a 9gm tryout now, 50/50 he's staying for me), Rhett, and likely Joensuu. De Haan is 50/50, and might not even get a tryout due to our overload of average to borderline nhl D players. It should be very interesting to see how our prospects look in a nutshell. And then we will slowly separate them into definite nhlers, top-tier nhlers, borderline nhlers, and career ahlers. Look out for Lawson, Mikko, and Poulin too if DP and/or Rollie goes down.  

5. Seeing how the new D acquisitions do.

Pretty much straight forward.

NO other because I want your answers out of these options.



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