3 Things that WILL HAPPEN....1 Thing that MUST.

Over the next year(s), there are a few things that I look at as being essential for the Islanders and their rebuilding (to get back in the category of significance in NY and the Sports World in General).

I'm gonna forecast of few things that I know WILL Happen:

1.  The Islanders (Charles Wang) and Nassau County (Ed Mangano) WILL have something finalized eventually on the new arena thing.  I can tell you as someone who is related to someone who was an appointed hire in the previous Nassau County Administration.  There is NO WAY The Islanders are going to leave LI.  Politicians on each side (except Kate Murray for some reason) want to and know the impact that a striving sports franchise in the County can do for the local economies and the overall spirit of people on Long Island. 

Those factors, coupled with the fact that the county does need a significant income stream make a major development project like a Lighthouse an imperitive.  THE ISLANDERS AND THE SHINNECOCKS ARE GONNA WORK SOMETHING OUT.....NEAR BELMONT RACETRACK (Mass Transport, better location for a proposed Casino and Racetrack itself will make that entire facility a year-round attraction).  That is My Prediction!!

2.  The Islanders are really making some good hockey decisions and the commitment to build via the Draft WILL work...Tavares WILL be a star....Okposo WILL be a Captain....Bailey WILL also get better and better (I see Bailey as having a similar impact on future Islanders Teams like a Jorge Posada had on the Yankees, he'll  sort of fly under the radar on a more national level but be the kind of player that won't ever really be appreciated until he is ever missed for a long period of time).  The handful of other young kids...some of those will workout as well.

3.  The third thing that WILL happen is sort of contingent on the above happening first....but once the arena situation gets rolling and another year or so passes with further development of young players...the NY Islanders will be an attractive place to come and play....and Then the Islanders WILL be able to make moves and acquire players that can make a difference.

Now...what MUST happen:  Rick DiPietro MUST return to complete health and start having productive seasons again....He MUST.  The Islanders cannot have his name and contract situation hanging over them anymore...If he stays, and plays....he WILL be productive because he is a Good Goaltender and if he can show himself to be good again....the Isles might have a better chance down the road of trading him of they desire to do so.

They need DP.....They need him back....he's good...he's young...They need him to be healthy this year!!!

A DP/Rolo combo between the pipes is pretty good.....a lot of teams would trade for that.

Give me Comments Fans!!!!

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