New Year, Same Old Story

So once again, I need to read about how Garth Snow offered more money to a big name free agent only to have that player go to another team for less money.  I really cannot take much more of this.  This has nothing to do with Garth.  This has nothing to do with Charles Wang (I know 90% of you will disagree with me on this). And this has nothing to do with the Nassau Coliseum (99% of you will disagree with me on this!).

What is the biggest problem???


Nassau COUNTY.


This is the problem.  The Islanders can build all the Lighthouse Projects they want.  If it is in Nassau County they will NEVER attract the big name FA's.  It's that simple.  It is not a big enough market.  Bottom line.  Yes, it is 10 minutes outside of NYC, but this is not a NYC franchise.  It's a suburbs franchise.  That is how this team is marketed and how they operate.  There is only one solution to this.




Or Brooklyn, but that seems unlikely.  Queens is the best possible scenario for this franchise to become relevant again.  It is in NYC which right away makes them a legitimate big market team.  They would be right next to the Mets and would be able to market with them.  The corporate money from NYC would flow in once they moved there.  Instead of showing potential draft picks and UFA's Jones beach and Oyster Bay, they can show them NYC.  The greatest City in the world. 

Why do you think big name FA's never go to Buffalo?  They have good ownership.  They play in front of a packed house every night.  Same with Minnesota.  They have sold out EVERY game since they have been in existence and play in a beautiful new arena.

Now let's look at the other end.  Detroit signs all the big time FA's they want.  Joe Louis arena is a dump.  For years Chicago had horrible ownership but they could still attract the top guys. 

Buffalo and Minneapolis/St. Paul are small markets and Chicago and Detroit are big markets.  Bottom line.  26-32 year old males do not want to be making millions of dollars and living in small markets.  Yes LI is close to NYC, but it's not like Manhattan is a 5 minutes drive or train ride away.  It's a schlep to get there from LI. 

So we can continue to get mad at Garth and Wang for not spending money.  We can continue to blame Kate Murray for not approving the LHP.  But in the end we are all lying to ourselves.  As long as this team is on LI they will never attract the big name guys, and that, unfortunately, is reality.

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