Thread of thread follow-ups

Wherein we revisit discussions from prior threads, rather than try to dig through the archives to find who said what where

The Gary Bettman Translator (great work, Dom!) reminds me of a Twitter exchange involving the Sports Guy and Justin Bourne, which I came across yesterday:

mission1619: When you take over ESPN, make sure you get the NHL back.

SG: ESPN has wanted it back for 2 yrs. It's Bettman that won't do it.

JB: that can't really be true? If the NHL is floundering to make a buck with TV deal's, would he turn down dough to be petty?

wolvie75: Jilted lover syndrome on Bettman's part?

SG: Totally. 100%. ESPN has wanted the NHL back for 2 yrs. Bettman is rooster-blocking.

JB: ohhh, THAT Bettman. Nevermind.

PS - not to preach to the choir here, but you ARE reading Justin's Blog, right?  Why the heck not?  WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS FAMILY??!?

A few days ago we got into a good discussion on regular season vs. playoff performance, vis-a-vis the repeated flamouts of the highly-talented San Jose SharksDan Boyle had just sank a wicked backhand into his own net and the Avs were up 2-1, with the only loss a game in which San Jose trailed with 35 seconds left.

Two games later, San Jose is now up 3-2, after another Joe Pavelski rescue operation and last night's dominant performance.  It was JB, again, who was just wondering if that was ever going to happen:

If you want any of us to believe in your squad (and you want to believe in yourselves), we gotta see some something bodybuilder-like, and soon.  Oil yourself up, get a fake tan, and flex those offensive muscles tomorrow.

So, not only are you NOT reading JB, Joe Pavelski IS.  (Or BCIslesMan emailed him a link with the subject line, "Would you wake Marleau up now?")  At any rate, I think that Joe Thornton already does have the oiled/fake tan bit down.

Do I think it's the last word on this series?  No.  It's nice to see the Sharks get a result befitting their general dominance of the series up until now.  They have to close out the Avs, though, or the questions will get worse, as the world wonders where their killer instinct went.

Speaking of flameouts: folks in the wilds of Jersey are not taking well to the Devils' five-game exit.  This is funny to those of us who are in exile here in the Garden State, inasmuch as the team's fans are largely apathetic until the playoffs, and then they freak out when things go wrong.

I've gone to Isles games in a number of visiting arenas.  (Oddly, though, not the Coliseum.  Gotta fix that.)  I wore my jersey to the cheap seats in the Garden and was nearly thrown onto the ice by the Chief.  I wore my jersey to Philly on the bitter January night when Mike Peca scored shorthanded in OT to win 1-0.  (High comedy, that game.)  The first thing said to me in that arena was "F**&%! Leon Steckel."  After the game, I fled in legitimate fear for my safety.  At the Brendan Byrne Arena?  Pfffffft.  Nothing.  Nobody razzed me - until the game ended with the Devils winning in shootouts, and then everyone started ragging on me.  Great job, Devils fans!

That list of links also takes you to some posts on the Philly side of the equation.  The cheesesteak guys are understandably pumped.  The Devils boosters?  They still trust in Lou, I think, but the general despondance over everything else may make you sad.

Selfish horn-tooting department: I should have made my comment here a fan post, but I had no idea how it would play.  Well, I'm greedy enough to want to find out.  Enjoy!  (Hopefully.)

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