Analysis - NY Islanders All-Time Goaltending vs. Roloson, DP and the rookies

With all the toing and froing about DP, Roloson, the kids, contracts, commitments, trying to win now vs. the future, thought as a 'Christmas present' of sorts to Lighthouse Hockey, I'd spend a bit of time assembling some all-time stats on Islanders keepers (focusing on those who have played at least half a season - or 40 games or more) - and I put this into perspective by sorting by save percentage

What emerges is much clearer picture than the fog we now have for the most part.

First of all, here's the overall stats:


keeper gp                 saves  saves+goals   save pct
Chico 282 0.927
Billy 675 0.909
Roloson 50 1865 2052 0.909
Osgood 103 2542 2795 0.909
Snow 127 2942 3251 0.905
Salo 187 4664 5152 0.905
DiPietro 281 7579 8380 0.904
MacDonald 51 1494 1657 0.902
Fichaud 75 1819 2018 0.901
Melanson 125 3312 3680 0.9
Flaherty 60 1242 1381 0.899
Beezer 44 1057 1177 0.898
Hextall 65 1617 1801 0.898
Desjardins 80 GAA approx 4 0.898
Fitzpatrick 129 3441 3861 0.891
McLennan 56 1353 1520 0.89
Healy 176 4564 5128 0.89
Hrudey 241 6327 7114 0.889
Soderstrom 78 1850 2087 0.886
Hackett 43 940 1070 0.879


1 - going back past 1980, the number of saves per season per keeper isn't readily available - but was at Hockey DB for 1975-76 for some reason - suffice it to say, who can argue with Battling Billy & Chico being at the top?  Desjardins was a better keeper than his stats showed, from memory - we didn't have much of a D those first two seasons, but he's sort of middle of the pack no matter what, and not terribly noteworthy anyway

Billy Smith is of the course, the best keeper we've had by some margin - and Resch is likely #2

2 - as suspected, Roloson is after Smith & Resch, perhaps the best keeper we've had, which is saying something - he should play the majority of games, or at least his value should not be underestimated - and in retrospect, he will look very good from a historical perspective - we take him way too much for granted

3 - the ongoing temptation of DiPietro makes a bit more sense, contract or otherwise, in this context - but quite noteworthy is that his stats are worse than this each of the last 5 years - so for him to make it all the way back would be defying quite a bit of recent history and ongoing injury - in other words, unlikely - the team is much more likely to win with Roloson now as suspected 

4 - Osgood was one of our best keepers as well, went on to have a great career - was traded to make room for DP, another casualty of the promise of DP

5 - Kevin Poulin's save percentage at Bridgeport is .936, and having had a chance to see him, he has a chance to be an all time great - Lawson's stats aren't bad either, and we have some further prospects in the system, but it's likely all about Poulin from now on


Let's not let relying on DP get in the way of the eventual future star Poulin - DiPietro may go on to be the most overpaid backup keeper in history, but it is what it is...

For now, play Roloson two games out of three, and eventual the job & the future is Kevin's and DP we use at best as a backup

I don't think there's anyway of denying these facts - we can't let DP's contract get in the way of doing what's right for the ultimate best chance of the team's success

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