Giving up on the season

The team has sent a message to its players that this season is not the goal, and they are hearing it loud & clear in their play.  This has not been intentional, and has been magnified by injuries of course, but nonetheless, it is a serious issue

Evidence is clear


1)  the overplayiing of the ineffective DiPietro - this is a message to the team that players get favoritism, and are not rewarded for good play - a very powerful and poor message - Ricky lets in a soft one and the team folds up mentally - we've seen this happen the last two games - Ricky was playing better for a few games and got by, but now its a pandemic


2)  sending Nino back - regardless of his true readiness, this was a subliminal message to the team that the future is not now - and they have been terrible since Nino went back to Portland


3)  sending Sim down to Bridgeport - and playing players like Gervais, Weight, Hunter who have been less effective - this sends a clear message that the team only plays players on one way contracts - the budget is still king and the front office isn't really that concerned about this year


4)  Leaving Hamonic in the AHL - having seen him play down there, again, another move that makes clear to the rest of the team that a wave of other players is coming but not this year - and Hamonic's strengths and talent are wasted in the AHL - "experts" like to say he can hone his game there - but the level of play is much slower and he won't learn what it takes to be a top NHL player which he will be - let him do that here now that it doesn't matter


5)  Other players are either hurt (Streit, Kyle, etc.) or playing worse after gettting hurt (Bailey, Schremp, Comeau) or possibly playing hurt (or is Tavares simply not as good a we thought he'd be) and there are likely others as well


It's all too bad, as this year seemed to have promise in itself - but especially the overplaying of Ricky has sent a clear message along with the wave of talent coming that has been sent to disparate locales elsewhere, that its going to be a very long year after all - there was much more promise, its really too bad


Sure the team may pick it up from here, but it would have to start with recognizing that Roloson should start 65% of the games - and bring up Hamonic - too late on Nino - this season could have at least have been a Bridge to the future - instead its as if Bridgeport   has moved to the NVMC


Too bad - and I'm an original Islanders season ticket holder that was getting excited again after a long slumber


Wake me up when the team really wants to try again

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