Unis, Logos, Names, Colors or anything else?

The unveiling of the new Third Jersey of the Columbus Blue Jackets made me think about uniforms and which uniforms I like the best in the NHL.

As some of you may remember....I am a re-born Hockey fan, so I haven't paid attention to the league, the teams, the players, etc. for a long while. 

However, my re-emergence into fandom has reminded me of something about the NHL that I don't think I ever realized (or at least wasn't conscious of) until now.  What is that?  The NHL and College Football (in my opinion) are neck and neck for the best uniforms/team logos in all of sports.

Looking at the logos on the NHL website and browsing the web for good pics of uniforms there are a few that are unquestionably sweet (no one would ever change), but others that I think should be totally re-done.  My List(s) after the jump.  Please let me hear your comments..and OH......Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

These 5 are MY Never have...Never will....Never should

(NOTE: I am judging on basic design...meaning: they never had any major changes)

  1. Bruins
  2. Blackhawks
  3. Maple Leafs
  4. Red Wings
  5. Canadiens

These 4 are MY What Were They Thinking other words they unveiled old classics this year and I realized they never should have changed.

  1. Oilers (I love the 80s Jersey)
  2. Islanders (Ditto)
  3. Sabres (the colors and the logo really work for me)
  4. Capitals (Everytime I see the classics they wear now...I think of Rod Langway)

GROSS...change it...change the name, the logo, the uniforms, everything.  I just don't like these.

  1. Nashville
  2. Atlanta
  3. Ducks (They were originally called the Mighty Ducks....I mean c'mon)
  4. Panthers

One other note for me:  I love the alternate Jerseys that The Lightning wear that just read BOLTS across the chest.  In Fact, if I were to buy that team...I would the change the name of the team to the Tampba Bay BOLTS.  I also really like the Ottawa Uniforms/Logo/Name for some reason.   The logo is dignified I think.  I like the colors of the Minnesota Uniforms but i would change the team name (Minneapolis is Hockey State...they can't get something better than the Predators Wild?!).  The Phoenix Coyotes...I like their colors but they should just contract this taem...I mean it.

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