The "Botta" Downfall

Of all the chaos surrounding the Islanders at the moment, the one I find particularly funny is the Chris Botta blogger situation. (I know it's not a "downfall" as I put in the headline, just having fun)

In my humble opinion, this is a classic example of someone who means well and does a great  job, but has allowed all the accolades, goodwill and happy thoughts to go to his head.

I think in terms of cartoons all the time and what I imagine is some sort of "head explosion" scene. Like where the cartoon character has air blown in his mouth and his head POPS!  In this case the air is being blown in the other end. Basically all the Isles fan ass kissing of Botta has blown a lot of hot air directly into his head where it exploded. I know it's an exaggeration but that's what it seems like to me.

And speaking of cartoons, last night there was an episode of "Family Guy" that reminded me of this whole situation. Brian the dog and sometimes author is distraught his latest book didn't sell. Stewie, the psycho gay baby, convinces him to write a quick stupid self help book to just cash in. It becomes a smash hit. At first Brian appreciates all the attention and positive vibes but then it all goes to his head and he starts acting like a jerk.

This is where Botta comes in. I don't think it's really all his fault. If you look back at the posts, and I admit I was one of them, they are filled with thank you's and great jobs and you're the best and on and on and on. This stuff clearly inflated his ego a tad. Remember, a tad in space terms is about half a million miles. (name that movie)

The tone of the site changed. It became more about him. He also became meaner. I know many Islander fans are angry and probably welcomed the meanness and I can appreciate that. It's hard to follow a team spiraling seemingly out of control.

But when the puck hit the fan this week, his reaction was more of the same. me, me me. I'm on the radio. I'm on the podcast. I'm written about here. But now instead of just talking Islanders he's talking about himself. Poor me. I'm so innocent. But come on, he loved it.

To be honest, I've corresponded and spoke with him a few times. He's very nice. But the progression of the relationship (I use that term loosely) mirrored what's been happening with the team. It started off nice and friendly. There were thanks and sincere compliments. This led to insults (at least what I perceived to be insults)  on his end and me cutting off communication.

The point is no matter how dumb the Islanders have acted on so many issues over 20 years, in this case I understand why they wouldn't want to give credentials to someone who has increasingly mocked, insulted and given them shots. Criticism is one thing but Botta made it a little too mean and personal.

My guess is it will pass. he will be back there.

He's a good writer, a nice guy, but I would love for his writing to be back to the "awe shucks" days.

Then again maybe I'm imagining the whole thing. Who knows.

And to be clear I am not rah rah Islanders. They seem to be paranoid and control freaks. Wang, Snow, either, both. Whatever. It's ridiculous.

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