Sim, NHL player or not?

I saw sim as one of the worst forwards on the team last year and decided to poll and post this.

You ask me who I think the worst overall forwards on the team last year to play for us longer then getting just a cup of coffee up here and I immediately say Jackman, Thompson, Sim. Just off my mind, I would rather have had Park or Bergy from last year in the 4th line spot we have open now. At least they could help with the penalty kill and produce better. I don’t know, but everytime I think of sim I see all the bad things in his game and they outweigh all the good. Even his best #’s are lousy. Let me run a check list:

-15-20pts/season isn’t horrible for a 4th liner
-has some nhl experience
-Has ok hands
-Throws his body around
-Agitates decently
-plays with some energy


-is very short and undersized(5’10’’ 190lbs)

-Is 33yrs old and not getting younger or better

-Career average of 55pim/82gm season

-Production #’s have always been borderline 4th line/ahl player, and his journeyman, games played/season, resume, and playing time speak for it.

-He has had only 2 plus seasons (plus/minus) in his 11yr nhl career
-His game doesn’t have many tools(PK, PP, Height/Size, etc)
-His play is very inconsistent
-He doesn’t play smart or use his head much during the game
-His shot has seemed to have declined badly over the years(or at least last year in the misses I saw from great scoring chances)
-He’s a ok-to-bad/slow skater
-He’s not a great hockey player, and his effectiveness/stats come from doing things ANY player can do(and given his tools, ANY other person should be able to do his job better then him) (his game: agitating, crashing the net, playing with energy, and throwing checks. ANY gorilla/robot/monkey can do that job).
-He’s somewhat of a defensive liability

My problem with sim is that his game is something that any player can do, and any player should be able to do better given his tools to do his job(undersized, subpar skater, old, declining shot, very inconsisten, unintelligent, etc). Martin(when healthy could fill in this role head and shoulders above the way sim could, and any enforcer could be able to do this job just as well if they could skate and play in front of the net. I just don't see his game as an important part of our team, let alone as something another player could do better if taught the minor ins and outs of agitating and how to play the style. What do you guys think? 

And the poll:

Do you think Sim deserves to be an NHL or AHL player(on this team he is arguably and nhl player, but overall is he an nhl player on the average NHL hockey team)?

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