Why Danielle Should Be An Islanders Fan

As this is my first attempt at a FanPost please bear with me, but I believe this is worth sharing. I was searching the web this morning and found an interesting and funny piece about why Danielle should be a Habs fan and not an Islanders fan. If you would like to read the full story you can find it at The Active Stick. If not I'll give you some background.

It seems Danielle,, who the author says is drop dead gorgeous, grew up in Montreal and moved to New York a few years ago. It seems Danielle was never that interested in hockey, but when her friend who she hadn't spoken to in some time got back in touch with her she was quite happy to hear that Danielle had started to develop an interest in the sport. Here's where it gets interesting and funny. It seems her friend Danielle is dating an Islanders fan who's bringing her to Islander games and she's even gone so far as to wear our colors. Her friend is quite upset at this turn of events and gives a list of reasons why Danielle should become a Habs fan instead. In response this is my list as to why Danielle should become and stay an Islanders fan : 


1st - Since Danielle is absolutely gorgeous she will fit right in with the rest of us Islander fans.

2nd - Something great has to be said for Long Island since thousands of Canadiens fans come here like birds migrating south for the winter every time you play here.

 3rd - You can keep your P.K. Subban. Your can't have our John Tavares / End of story.

4th - It's so much more fun rooting for the underdog because when they win it makes it all the more sweeter.

5th -  If you really care about your boyfriend, rooting for the same team makes it a lot easier to get along.

And last but best of all - It's just soooooooo much fun hating the New York Rangers.!!!!!!!!!!


Now it's your turn. Let's help out Danielle and give her all the reasons to stay an Islanders fan. Let's face it we need all the support we can get for our beloved hockey team. Have at it.

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