Tavares vs Duchene, anyone have serious doubts?

Simple, Does anyone here have serious second thoughts about drafting Tavares #1 over duchene(#3)? Forget about hedman, especially since he's a d-man. Here's some more info on the 2 players below. This is something I just wanted to poll to see the answers to. Do any of you honestly believe that 2-3yrs down the road when both have adjusted fully and matured that duchene is going to be better then Tavares as a forward?

John Tavares:

Junior hockey league stats: (mostly, averaging 2pts/gm and showing why he was such a teenage phenom)

2005–06 Oshawa Generals OHL 65 45 32 77 72
2006–07 Oshawa Generals OHL 67 72 62 134 60 9 7 12 19 6
2007–08 Oshawa Generals OHL 59 40 78 118 69 15 3 13 16 20
2008–09 Oshawa Generals OHL 32 26 28 54 32
2008–09 London Knights OHL 24 32 18 50 22 14 10 11 21 8

2005-06 Oshawa Generals OHL 65 45 32 77 72 -- -- -- -- --
2006-07 Oshawa Generals OHL 67 72 62 134 60 9 7 12 19 6
2007-08 Oshawa Generals OHL 59 40 78 118 69 15 3 13 16 20
2008-09 Oshawa Generals OHL 32 26 28 54 32 -- -- -- -- --
2008-09 London Knights OHL 24 32 18 50 22 14 10 11 21 8

Scouting reports:

1. This player is a future NHL superstar. While he had a drop off in goals last season, from 72 to 40, he became a much more complete player. It’s hard to understand him being so maligned for 118 points in 59 games and a great performance at the World Juniors, but that is the microscope he’s under.

He is very composed and never panics under pressure. Has great ability with the puck, but is improving substantially on his defensive play without it. Not afraid to mix it up physically and has added a little more of that element to his game. At 6’0”, 183 lbs, he will get bigger, but is already strong at protecting the puck and working down low.

He has great vision and anticipates plays before they develop. Has excellent offensive ability, with a quick hard accurate shot and is a threat to score anytime he has the puck
. He has under-rated passing abilities, as shown by 78 assists last year. One on one he is absolutely deadly and is deceptive to read on what he will do with the puck. He has a very sublime hockey IQ. He definitely thinks the game at a higher level than anyone else in the Ontario Hockey League. Back to scoring at a goal a game pace, with 14 goals and 23 points in his first 13 OHL games this season.

"He is probably better than any other player in the Draft from the top of the circle down at being a threat to score. He’s an offensive player who is reliable in his defensive zone and getting better at that, but yet not asked to do that very frequently. He is pure offense and for his first years in the NHL will probably be asked to do just that." "There's a lot of attributes he brings to the table. He's one of those guys, the things he does in the offensive zone will bring people out of their seats. It's truly amazing. His willingness to be the player he wants to be is there, and to me that supersedes anything that could be perceived as a negative. His willingness to be better every day, he's so competitive, he's got such an inner drive."


  • Boasts the hand/eye coordination, imagination and hockey sense of an offensive stud. Is extremely determined to be the best he can be. Scores lots of goals and is also a great passer.

Isn't nearly as good in the skating department as his numbers suggest(but is making big strides). Is still a work in progress defensively(but was very reliable in juniors). Lacks a physical edge to his game, but isn't afraid to get physical and his hands dirty.

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 Matt Duchene:

Junior Hockey stats .(Nothing special, solid, but not spectacular. Good but not great. But also take in mind, he is touted as somewhat more of a 2-way center then tavares. But remember, #'s don't lie and JT is clearly way ahead in that respect).

2007-08 Brampton Battalion OHL 64 30 20 50 22 5 1 1 2 10
2008-09 Brampton Battalion OHL 57 31 48 79 42 21 14 12 26 21

Scouting reports from people:

1. Struggled a little early on last season adjusting to the OHL pace of the game, but made the transition later in the season quite well. Has great hands and possesses one the best shots in the OHL, with a very quick release. Was guilty of passing too much and not shooting enough, given the depth of line-mates he had. Make no mistake though. This guy is pure high-level sniper.

Is a decent passer and among the best skaters in the 2009 draft class, who can accelerate to top speed in no time. Could use his body a lot more effectively for puck protection and along the wall, but is working on it and he’ll get better given time.

Has shown he can play a defensive game quite well, but in an offensive system, this player has game breaker written all over him. Went to the under 17’s last year for Team Ontario, winning gold and was dominant, leading them in scoring with 10 points and was their best player. A player who loves to compete. This season, he already has 7 goals and 13 points in his first 12 games and is +5. At 5’11”, 196 lbs, will grow bigger and stronger yet. We love him. 45 goals and 85 points this season could be within reach and wouldn’t shock us. This guy is a big time future NHL scorer.


"Matt Duchene is a pure offensive player who also is a great penalty killer. He helps the Brampton Battalion in all facets of the game. A pure sniper, he plays the point on the power-play and is a threat to score on the penalty kill as well. He reminds me, probably most of the new breed of snipers, Patrick Kane, Sam Gagner and Steven Stamkos as he grows into his offensive position in the NHL."

"Duchene has the ability to dominate a game. He is an excellent all-round skater with great speed, his playmaking, ability to see the ice and move the puck through traffic to create offense are outstanding. He has a very good shot, but I see his best asset as his speed and ability to beat defensemen to the middle or outside."


  • Is extremely fast and industrious. Plays with fire and passion. Is a capable two-way center with playmaking acumen and burgeoning goal-scoring prowess.
  • Sometimes, he tries to do too much because of his impressive skill-set, instead of letting the game come to him more naturally. Is no superstar, just a great player.

Both put up similar #'s as rookies, while duchene played a bit better 2-way hockey, as expected.

In my own conclusion, there is a big difference when your projected as being a big time nhl superstar(Tavares) and being a solid scoring somewhat 2-way center(duchene). That alone tells the story for me. Add into account work ethics, junior league numbers, general public views on them, and hopes for them: and then you see why Tavares is Tavares(#1) and Duchene was #3. What do you guys think and why? Let's get this story straight from everyone's point of views.

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