WRHU-88.7FM....I Listened

Hey Gang,

Due to the fact that I have a second job that I work occasionally on weekends.  I was unable to watch the game last night against the Avalanche.  HOWEVER...Due to the nature of my work....I was able to listen to the entire WHRU 88.7FM broadcast.  

Another note about the nature of my job is that I am constantly on the move (so I was testing the signal strength of the station all night).  Some Comments and Observations after the jump....

BONUS: The first to guess what my night job is gets a drink on me at CBs Pointblank extravaganza on Thursday Night.......

1.  I jumped all over Nassau County last night (I was working in all corners....Woodbury, Bethpage, Franklin Square, Glen Cove, etc.).  Signal Strength was not an issue at all.  The strength of the radio signal was fantastic (Even in the Old Westbury/Brookville/Muttontown area...which if you know....does have some fairly well known radio frequency/transmission issues). HINT HINT!!!  

THE BROADCAST WAS CRYSTAL CLEAR!!!!  I did not experience even a hint of weakness in the radio signal.....I did not venture into Suffolk or Queens last night but my guess is that the signal would have remained very strong in those areas as well.

2.  The broadcast itself.....Professional.  Very well done....Chris King on the play-by-play was fantastic as he usually is.  

The only production issue that you might consider a problem (and I am really being a jerk by being this picky) was during the Post Game.........Chris King was recapping and running through the highlights.....he was describing the events of the game as they unfolded and then he would set up a highlight by saying something like "and at the midpoint of the second period.....Michael Grabner extended the Islanders lead after some wonderful Islanders teamwork".  The highlight would get played and all you would here is..."and Grabner Scores!!!!!!.......and then the GOAL HORN".  A few of the highlights included no buildup to the goal....just King shouting..."HE SCOOOORES!".  Really Picky..I know....The Broadcast was great!!!

3. The Hofstra Talent:  I liked them.  The color analyst (and I apologize but I do not remember his name) was not bad at all.   He had some very nice insights and seemed prepared and knowledgeable of the league, the teams and the players.  He had a few wonderful little anecdotes about the connections between Tavares and Duschesne and also added good statistical insights that were game relevant and up to the minute.

He (and again I don't remember his name...APOLOGIES) did not speak too fast and did not speak too much.  He had a pleasant voice and was treated with respect by Chris King throughout.  Between the periods...I believe it was Hofstra Talent that performed a few on the spot interviews with a players as they went off/on.  Those were fine as well.  Simple and To The Point!  BRAVO to the players for being so accommodating.


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