Okposo Olympic Snub and This Fan's Reaction

I'd like to preface this by saying that Brian Burke is a total asshat. There. I said it.


Team USA is not going anywhere as it is. The roster just is not good enough to compete with the likes of Canada, Russia, Sweden or even the Czek team. The roster is thin and heavily reliant on guys who's best days really are behind them. The selection of Chris Drury really is a laugher in and of itself. I said this years ago and it still stands today, "Drury is not the kinda of player, by himself that make you a better team. He rides shotgun on good teams and makes them better."

On the flip side, Okposo does make a bad team a much better team. Even in his struggles to score goals this season his work in other areas has made this Islanders team better. Anyone who questions that I challenge to explain how this Isles team would be better with Okposo OFF the roster.


Callahan I think is a fine hockey player but not dynamic enough to justify the exclusion of Okposo. He does the little things right but really is a third liner on a good team. You're not gonna win a Stanley cup with Callahan anchoring your second line. Figure out how on Olympic teams that are stacked with talent he's gonna get us anywhere to a medal round?


Brian Burke's idiocy aside (and perhaps some of the staffs desire to use this tourny to build up the players on their NHL Teams cough...Tortorella....cough...) I'm not much of a nationalist when it comes to hockey or the olympics. I don't really care about a players nationality unless it's to explain the kind of system or players a country develops. I always thought of the Russians a slick skaters and passers while North Americans embrace a more grittier game. Other than that I really don't care how many Euro's, Canadians or Americans are on a given NHL team.


Most of the time I hate it when it is brought up. Hockey really is just about hockey and as we who love the game understand it, we are all on the same team. No other sport in the world short of soccer will you see other rival fans so happy to see each other. When an Islanders fan and a Rangers fan meet in another city you have one happy conversation.


I'm not rooting for anyone in particular in this tourny. I'll be just as happy to watch some really great hockey. Although, I have to admit, I wanna see Okposo go on a tear just so Brian Burke can eat some more crow like he did at last years draft. SUCKAH!!!!!!!

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