LHinks: Where the Lighthouse Project stands


Charles Wang speaks on his Lighthouse proposal. (Lighthouse group image via www.islesblogger.com)

As a follow-up to yesterday's collection of live coverage and Tweets, here is a bounty of links on yesterday's Lighthouse project rally and environmental impact hearings.

Procedurally, yesterday's hearing was about concerns or changes to the environmental impact of the project. Realistically, it was supporters and opponents' best chance yet to be heard on the proposal's merits, to show the Town of Hempstead how they feel. It's telling -- and positive for Islanders fans -- that support was large and well-reasoned. But there is so much left to do ...

Der Papers:

  • Garth Snow says the project will help attract the free agents the current Coliseum does not. [Newsday]
  • Jeff Z. Klein covered the Bettman and Wang deadline angles. [The New York Times]
  • Mark Herrmann does Bettman, too. [Newsday]
  • Herrmann again, on the Isles fans showing up in force. (One day, fans of other teams will realize a lot of Islanders fans have stuck around through a lot worse than they can ever imagine.) [Newsday]
  • At long last, things are looking up for the Islanders [NY Post]

Der Blogs:

  • Neutral league observer James Mirtle was impressed by the turnout for a team 16 seasons from its last playoff series win. [From the Rink]
  • Nick says it's potentially a new beginning, but notes the reality of where we are now: "There was no final green-light to the Lighthouse Project yesterday, just another checkpoint to gauge citizens' response to the proposal as it currently stands. After the public comment period ends on August 17, both sides will examine the comments and decide how best to move forward." [Let There be Light(house)]
  • Islesblogger with photos from the rally and public meeting, and a thank you to Charles Wang.
  • Repeat from yesterday's LHinks: What Chris Botta said at the hearing as a resident.
  • Dee's rendition of the day, from early rise to hopeful conclusion. [7th Woman]
  • This was in yesterday's LHinks, but Doug updated his liveblog through the morning. [Isles Official's Outlook]
  • A collection of videos from yesterday's events at Roger's Islanders Esoteric.
  • Finally, light at the end of the tunnel [IslesNet]

Official Sites:

Finally, a reminder: This phase isn't over. The public comment period lasts until Aug. 17. You can send yours to the Town of Hempstead here: lighthousecomment@tohmail.org

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