No Love For Schrempy

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Ok so since I have been given my wish lately of seeing Jeff Tambellini get out of the press box lately (WHAT A DEFLECTION!!!) it brings me to my new complaint about a similar player. Where is Robbie Schremp??


From what i've seen out of him he has shown a hustle and focus that has clearly been lacking. I say clearly lacking because that defensive meltdown against the Caps last night was just purely unacceptable and it really is just more of the same from a team that hasn't show the desire to win the game. The main problem I feel is that a majority of our players are afraid to handle the puck and unable to establish the zone. Now when you combine this fear with an underlying inability you get a team full of people who are happy to just dump and chase, Which is a good theory if the dumps are positioned well and you have the speed to retrieve these dumps, the Islanders have proven themselve inept at this.


That brings me to Robbie Schremp. One of the few Islanders who is a natural puckhandler who is not only unafraid when facing defenders , He actually seems to enjoy the opportunity to beat them! (I know it seems unthinkable on this unit) Also on top of his puckhandling being easily top three on the team (In my opinion Tavares , Schremp , Weight honarable mentions to Okposo and Bailey) He is an extremely underated skater as he is also a top three skater for us.(IMO Tambellini, Streit, Schremp) So on a team that is losing alot of its games due to turnovers and lack of hustle I propose we dress one of our most skilled players.(CRAZY)


So how do we get "Spare Part" (ridiculous) Schremp into the lineup? I have a few ideas on that....WARNING : This blog does not apologize if it bashes your faviorite player.


1) What I see as the most obvious option is Jon Sim. Whatever it takes to get this aged career 3rd/4th liner off our team has to be done. He does hustle and trust me I appreciate that but can he possibly be part of the team you hope to have in 3-4 years when we can reasonably be expected to contend for the playoffs?? Its no secret that he wont have anything to do with this team after this year and YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANYONE TO TRADE FOR HIM. So whether it be in the minors , scratched or realeased he needs to be burried on the depth chart to make room for Schremp who , now this is important, is just 23 years old. Now if all goes well and you give him time to grow and progress he would be in his prime when we expect to compete. Sim will be out of the league by then.


2) Blake Comeau - I know he has an inexplicably soft spot in most Islander fans hearts but I have never been a fan of Blakes contribution to this team. His skating and his puckhandling are extremely over-rated and if I had to grade them I would say average at best. When that skill set gets complimented with frequent poor decisions with the puck in the neutral zone his contributions to our losing efforts have been well noticed. Im not nearly as down on him as I am on Sim but to be honest I project him as a 4th liner maybe a 3rd liner at best. Also those last few penalties hes taken have been just the horrible lack of hustle and lack of focus penalties that prohibit us from earning that first regulation W. I wouldnt handle him the same as Sim though. I would try to sneak him onto the fourth line or if we could somehow get him to the AHL do it otherwise he just cant be playing so many minutes because mentally he's just not there yet.


I know it's a little longwinded but as I have been well documented with my love for Tamby , I am just as high on Schremp only he is a better puckhandler and a few years younger. I still hold out hope that Gordon will reserve the 4th line for low skilled grinders and let Schremp get consistant substantial minutes (We have yet to see him at the point on the PP which is where he has done alot of damage in his career).


In summary for the readers who didn't have the stamina for my longwinded plans for league domination... Shoot for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud. What I mean is play the players with the highest upside because you can always acquire a hustling grinder if they don't work out. Example : We would give Sim away for a 20$ bill.



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